What is ume?

what is ume?

There was a thread on this a little while ago, but it’s fallen off the front 2 pages. I believe the concensus was that “ume” is named for Umehara Daigo, of SA2 parry fame. Daigo is an exceptional player because he gets into people’s heads and is able to predict what they’re trying to do. Daigo is known for having a “psychic” dragon punch that he pulls out on people, often throwing the move out before people even leave the ground.

That’s what Ume is, the ability to get into your opponent’s head and know what he’s going to do before he even does it.

gotcha. great av btw

3rd Strike Match-ups
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lol, this thread made my day.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daigo_Umehara :rofl:

Also, see the following thread on BKD for further details: http://www.bustkaratedojo.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=267

Wikipedia is top tier. :lol:

first off its not “psychic” its the playing style that allows him to pull off that kind of dp. You watch for poke patterns , jump in strings, defensive movement etc. All of it adds up and any decent ken player will know when to srk. Some peope attack with the same rythm regardless of what the move is. thats what you look for when you watch for patterns. I “psychic” dp shit all day. You can just dp in their range too but thats rather risky because a block dp is punishable. If you hld fwd for a sec then do an srk it gives you extra range plus invincibility frames. there are many tricks to get a “psychic” dp

the daigo parry on wong wasnt a real super parry i believe. If you go back and watch the clip wong did the super from 3\4 screen (max range on chuns sa2 super) which would have gave daigo the advantage of not parrying before the super flash. It makes the first hit easier to get which is the secret to parrying chuns sa2.

im not 100% sure on the chun parry thing but i think it works like that. Regardless that comeback on wong was insane. Full parry to combo super for the win!!!

So is Daigo’s name Umehara? Is it Umehara Daigo? … or Daigo Umehara? Or wtf?

I’ve always confused those things and nobody’s ever told it straight up to me.

Daigo Umehara

That doesnt make any sense. what do you mean its not a real super parry? So if you denjin from full screen and I parry it its not a super parry? Daigo parried a super in the losers final of a huge tourney. The guy is a hoss. As for chun’s super you can parry after the flash. The timing is when her leg is up in your grill.

I wish playing games on a competetive level came with groupies Imagine how much ass a player like daigo would get

It’s Umehara Daigo, but since in Japanese your surname goes first, his “first” name is Daigo and his “last” name is Umehara.

wtf are you talking about

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Sorry to say so but watch again, you see him moving forward a couple of times to expect that super… But he pressed forward before the superflash, im sure about that…

And you try to psychic dp KO and all top players, big props to you man :wink: :slight_smile: