What is the recommended button layout for MK on Madcatz TE?

I’m trying to figure out the best button layout for MK on a Madcatz TE. Right now I have the buttons arranged like this:

FK BK Stance Change

It seems awkward to have a block button in between the two punch buttons, but I don’t want the block button to be any further away than one button from anywhere else. I don’t want to get a MK fight stick because I don’t think it will be good for any game BUT MK and I already have two arcade sticks, so I want to use what I already have. Any suggestions or should I just try to get used to the set up I have now?

I have it set up:


It sucks and I’ll be changing it…

This may sound blasphemous, but I prefer to play it on PS2 pad. However, when I was playing MK9 on stick, I had my buttons like this:

FP BP Block Tag
FK BK FlipStance

My default stick hands have my ring finger hovering over the block button, so it works for me, and it makes it easier to hit X-Ray on a whim.

I really think that the game plays better on a pad, so I may switch back to it for this game…

I’m messing around with this too right now. I tried doing something similar the standard MvC3 layout with block being “tag 1” but that will get really cumbersome for the x-ray moves. Having a tough time finding a good spot for the block button to be accessible but also good for the x-rays.

Hmm, well you could go for a semi-old school MK layout like this:

FP FlipStance BP
FK Block BK

That way you could do X-Ray by hitting the bottom three buttons.

Throw FP BP (Whatever’s left)
Block FK BK Stance

So apparently MK is a 5 button game, 6 if your tagging. Flip and throw are “hot keyed”. FP+FK=Throw, BP+BK=Flip. By the way flip seems totally useless in the game. Would like to hear a dev talk on it.

With the below config you can keep you index finger on block and still hit the other keys pretty easy.

Tag fp bp
blk fk bk

I believe that FK and BK together can tag as well, but I’m at work so I can’t confirm. The only reason why I put flip on my stick is to make it easier to X-Ray, since I’d rather hit Flip + Block over BP + BK + Block. It’s all personal preference, though.

I really like that one with a slight change.

FP - Block - BP - Tag
FK - Throw - BK - Flip

I find it’s easier for me to block having it at the top and doing an x-ray still feels alright.

I use:


No need for a throw or tag button, just hit FF or BB.

will try out the different configs when I go to my brother’s house(I don’t own MK).

i agree


FK blk BK

that seems the best for me… Tag and flip have shortcuts. Also, the blk button in this layout above has it slightly raised, closer to the MK stick.

Also, why the TE? SE and TE have the same button layout.


Here’s my MK layout on my TE:


I find it easier to block and do EX moves when I use my thumb for the block button.

I switched back to a controller for the game. Sticks are very poorly supported in MK. First you have the very annoying button checks. Then you have the fact that some of the challenges tell you to push one button but because you have reconfigured your stick it is a different button. And there is no advantage at all due to the way the combos in the game work to using a stick over a pad. You can tell the game was designed for a basic controller.

However, when I used started playing I set it so that my controls were like this

BP-Throw-Assist- I don’t think the 8th button did anything. However with a controller since the most difficult 2 button presses are a trigger+normal button your hand is always resting on those making even the most difficult button presses(the game has) incredibly easy on pad.