What is the preferred version of A3?

Sorry for scrub post but I thought I’d make a new thread because this sub-forum is a little dead and I’m genuinely curious.

I’ve always assumed the community prefers the Naomi version but then I read that the Saturn version is almost arcade perfect and has all the characters from the Playstation version so I don’t know.

Hypothetically; if Iron Galaxy was working on A2/A3 anthology which version of A3 would you guys want them to work on? It’s a no brainer with A2, no one likes Gold.

The Naomi version of Alpha 3 is actually Alpha 3 upper, which is generally disliked. The CPS2 version is/was the competitive standard, but I’m not sure which revision. The Saturn version is not arcade perfect:

The version on the Alpha Anthology (with dip switches set correctly) is the way to go.

Saturn was nice in the 90s, PS2 aced it a decade later. Easy money for Cap if they put it on Live, but we can only pray Iron Galaxy aren’t allowed anywhere near it.

Iron Galaxy only ruined 3sOE cause it was based off an unreleased dc verison of 3s. MvC:O I’m hearing nothing but good things. and it’ll be hard to mess up a port of an emulator which they’re doing with Vsav and Hunter. And if they do bring the Alpha series to new systems they’ll be basing it on the same emulator aka the ps2 version.

I’m not worried about Iron Galaxy being able to make an arcade perfect port (they can). I’m more worried about the backlash from the more casual fans if some of the console exclusive modes and characters aren’t included. Then again, I actually have to moderate Capcom’s forums.

Poor guy.

console A3 just isn’t the same without world tour mode

I like Hyper SFA because you can parry. <3

All HSFA needs is more stages and easier access to the hidden modes.