What is the input command of Deejay's EX MGU ? walk UC2

what is the input command of Deejay’s EX MGU ? walk UC2 ?

Is that the input of dash UC2 the same as walk UC2?

Refer to the thread for this but :d::u::pp: wait :r: for touch :df::d::db::l::ub::ppp:

oh thanks for answer

by the way do you know how much frame i can walk then ulra 2?

can i run instead of walk?

-Do not mash MGU, it won’t connect if you mash it
-You don’t need to walk very far, or as far as you think.
-If the Ultra comes out too late try either walking forward less, or starting to walk sooner after MGU.

Is ex mgu, walk, u2 guaranteed or if you link too many jabs before you ex mgu will it be too much pushaway? Never got that answered.

It’s character dependant some characters u can only jab once some twice and some it wont work at all. Someone made a list in the dash u2 thread of which characters it works on and modinside made a video showing everyone it works on in the video thread.

verify are you able “if you have time” to show us how you are doing the walk U2? its really beyond me :frowning: and alot of us…

its a matter of timing really, practice enough and you will get the timing down.

I suggest learning how to SPD with gief (without jumping to buffer it beforehand) since thats how you do it (or you can do the f, db, ub “triangle motion”

basically you ex mgu (not mashed) hold db until it recovers, walk forward a step, then roll the stick to ub (or do the triangle motion as described above) and hit PPP

I personally can do it in training mode about 50-60% of the time, never got it in a match (I always accidentally mash the MGU) but I don’t believe it’s something that should be learned above his bnbs and approaches and whatnot.

the input displays are on in my match vids so u can take a look there to see how i do it. but basically i press forward for the walk part as soon as im not yellow anymore from the ex. take 1 step forward then go to downback then upback ppp. Im nearly 100% consistent with it but usually when i miss its 1 of 2 problems, i missed the downback input or i pressed ppp too early and got a standing fierce.