What is the history of mvc2? (events and strategy)

I have an interest in our community’s history and I love it when I find information. Right now though I’m specifically asking for history since I’m in the middle of writing an article – an opinion piece and need to do some fact checking. Please answer any/all of the following questions

Iceman was considered top tier near the game’s release right? How long did this last? And what Were the first anti iceman strategies? What did were iceman’s responses through this?

What were the tiers at different points in the games lifespan? What caused them to change?

When did cable become getting popular? How and when was ahvb xx ahvb discovered? Was ahvb weakened afterward due to prevention? Or just overshadowed?

What was the most drastic change in tiers a single character?

How long did it take for the current top tier to settle?

Can you summarize the mvc2 history based on your experience (events, strategies, personal epiphanies/anecdotes etc…)?

Did you check out these files? http://zachd.com/mvc2/history/
The broadcast with Viscant is a pretty complete overview of the game’s history, and the tournament results file could also help.

I just googled “viscant mvc2 history” I assume you’re referring to this?

I’ll check it out now…

The zachd history folder is really a mess to go through. Am I missing something? or did he think so few people would access it that he never bothered to fix it up and make it pretty?

Ohh nvm I see the mp3s at the bottom of the folder now…

But It’s a bit of a mess, is there a way to search for specific content? It’s a lot to go through manually to try and find the answers to some of my questions.

iceman fell rapidly. the first anti iceman strat was just picking doom rocks. cable/doom was so popular though and it just destroyed him, so people stopped picking him. he was nowhere in the b4 results.

original tier list looked something like this

spiral/doom/bh/mag/storm/sent/strider all considered top tiers

what caused the tier list to change to the big four was the speed of the game. mag/storm/sent became so fast and deadly that they started to wipe out doom, bh players. and things like sent fast fly combos, mag rom infinite, storm to sent dhc boosted them up.

cable was popular on day one. and ahvb was known immediately. first shgl tournament was won by valle with strider/doom/ryu. duc got second with omegared/cable/cyc.

doom had the most drastic drop. sent completely replaced him on teams. take any popular cable team (scrub, storm/sent/cable etc) doom used to be in sent’s place on all those teams.

I’d say around the first evl (2002) the big four were well established. blackheart was still used but on the decline. doom was out, only really used with strider.

my favorite marvel story is the rise of justin wong after b4. west coast beat the ec at b4, and wc were considered the best marvel players. there were rumors about some little chinese kid who was dominating though. i heard that after arturo said that the wc top players were better than him, he put arturo’s blackheart in a magneto infinite and was staring at him the whole time while doing it haha. then his first big win over a wc top player was against ricky on the ec. it’s on youtube i believe. then in chicago he beat viscant and valle. then at b5 was the showdown vs duc, and completed his mission to become the best.

That Wong factor though…

The ROM staredown is the best move in the game.

The only history I remember about this game is when NSJ dominated super arcade around 2001 and no one being able to beat them locally