What is the best way to go about PS2 compatible sticks?

Are there good quality PS2 sticks being sold out there new? And if not, I’ve got a couple Hori VX SA sticks for 360. Is dual modding them the way to go, and what is involved in that?

Thanks in advance for any info. I’m aware of these:


but it seems like I’ve seen some mixed opinions about them.

Best-quality bet: Try to find a PS1/2-model Hori Real Arcade Pro, or a Namco stick.
Somewhat rarer (and more expensive) would be full-Seimitsu Sega Virtua Stick or Konami Hyper Stick.

Easiest modding would be to a PS1 pad, or if you go fancy get a PS1 cord & mod it with Toodles’ MC Cthulhu.

I think Voltech’s customs are still available in PS2, you can probably also get others. Nice products, but multi-modding is probably more economical.

I vote for Toodles MC Cthulhu for the modding option, but creating the PS2 RJ-45 cord will be slightly difficult because they never used a standardized wire color scheme. Do a search of the Trading Post for PS2 sticks though, you may get lucky.

Do continuity tests every time and this is no problem. To be sure, I always continuity check, even when I’m pretty certain the wire colors are correct.


Can you point me to instructions on how to test the wires for continuity? I have a multi-meter, but have no clue how to properly use it for this.

Thanks jdm714