What is the best, sleekest, Japanese arcade stick?

The reason I ask is because my stick got owned (please don’t ask how:sad:). I had the Grey PS2 Namco stick with the Yellow buttons. Must of you should know what that one is.


I loved every thing about it. It was small, very high-quality and precise, and it lasted a VERY long time. So what stick would you recommend as a really good alternative?


I would keep the stick and swap out the pcb. Mind telling us what the damage is. If its memories haunt you, I might take it off your hands.

cant go wrong with anything hori if your going to buy one!


replace the pcb as was mentioned above, or get a virtua stick high grade (IF YOU CAN =p)

IIRC the VSHG was the stick that most resembled the namco one, and it’s made of 100% real arcade parts out of the box! almost guaranteed to last you as long as you keep it

Was the stock joystick on that really that good?

I’ve heard a lot of people rave about how good of a stick it is. What’s so good about it?

I like its size. I would swap out everthing. All I want is the case.

whats wrong with hori?

The Namco stick was just a good stick period. And it was one of the few sticks at that time that offered quality parts. They weren’t arcade parts but close enough.

As for you OP. If you want a good PS2 stick, try and see if you can get a HRAP2SA or a Custom. If you need a PS3 stick then the HRAP3, Custom or the upcoming Street Fighter IV Sticks are all fine choices.

That grey namco is my favorite hori by far my friend broke his stick in his so I had some extra parts the stick ended up being a Sanwa Octagon gate with Korean switches and everything else just hori and I swear to god it felt golden I almost didn’t give it back one of the best sleekest design IMO.Ugly colors though.

As for the guy that wanted the case… That’s impossible, when I say it got owned, I really mean owned (I was moving and a nightstand fell on it and my dreamcast, destroying both of them)… I managed to find a good deal on one of those old Namco Soul Calibur 2 Arcade sticks. Those worked really nice and I use to play on my friends’ all the time so I know what it’s like. Thanks for all the suggestions though. I didn’t even no about the HRAP stick. It looks really nice. I ended up purchasing the Namco SC2 stick and the HRAP2. So I should be good… Now here comes the whole “waiting for it to arrive” crap:confused: