What is the best arcade stick to mod?

Hi, I’m interested in modding a new arcade stick. I have previously modded a mayflash full sanwa. My question is: Based off how easy it is (minimal dremelling), weight, size, etc; What is the best possible arcade stick case to mod (with custom pcb along with the other stuff)? I want a TE case but they’re rare. People suggest a HRAP3 but i don’t know. Throw in an opinion if you want it doesn’t have to be fact. Also i will most likely be modding it with sanwa or seimitsu stuff.

i heard u can mod the SE sticks without drilling or anything. i might do mine as soon as it breaks. its a beast though it has handled everything ive done to it

So do you want to do actual modifications to a Case?
Because people will come in here and say to get Mad Catz Arcade FightStick.
And then when you buy that, there isn’t anything to modify the Case about it.

It is super easy.
All you need is a screwdriver.
Well two; one Philips, one flat.

HRAP 3 is not cool because of the carriage bolts.
HRAP 3 SA and HRAP 3 SE cooler because open from top like Tournament Edition.

But those already have Sanwa and Seimitsu.
So I don’t think you want that.

HRAP 3 also does not have Universal Mounting Bracket.
So it is not cool for Seimitsu LS-32-01 without doing extra stuff.

And why did you delete your Seimitsu Mounting Thread?
I never got to answer you, because you not make clear what you wanted to do.

Get a Madcatz SE (aka Fightstick).

And pray the PCB doesn’t die :rofl:

Also there is one mod I would do to any stick – put the Start button back on top-right.
I understand how some sausage-fingered players can accidentally hit it mid-match, but I really, REALLY hate having to reach-around to start play.

Most easy?TE
Most economical?SE
Most technical?Hori line.

1: I’m not buying a new stick just to mod, i’m preferably either looking for something that’s commonly sold as an empty case like a hrap3. Also it doesnt matter about mounting bracket in something im probably going to be using a jlf. 2: What does carriage bolts mean on hrap3? I deleted the thread because it was answered fairly simply, just turn it a bit. Also to the people who are saying get SE. I would consider it; but i also wouldn’t because; The reason i want to mod is to get an expensive stick for cheap, and specifically to my standards instead of paying the full 250 bucks most of everything is to canada. And i hear things like the SE is very light, and not very solid. I hear a HRAP3 is good because it is fairly heavy, has plenty of internal space, and is easy to mod.

Also it doesn’t matter how technical it is really, ALL the things i am looking for (since im looking for cases)is: 8 holes, all 30mm. A metal top plate unlike the mayflash i have. And a mounting bracket for a jlf. also i want some heft to it so it doesn’t move around alot like i hear the SE does. Also i guess it doesn’t matter that much if it’s xbox or ps3 since im buying a case and replacing any pcb. but just for the sake: the only systems i EVER plan on using it on is ps2, ps3, and pc.

PM sent.