What is the appeal of Applebees?

Ive only gone there once(b/c my friend had a coupon lol).
The dishes are bland , the decor/service are not noteworthy.
Unless you’re starving, I dont really see how this place can operate in the current economy.
Now I kno wmost Us chain restaurants are similar, but Chilis has some quasi-spanish food, TGI has a J.D related dishes, etc. but Applebees is so indistinguishable.


Whoreish bitch’s.

The Applebee’s around here has discounts if you go to the movie theaters. So that shit is primetime when you trying to please a hoe.

Tickets and dinner? Gimme dat.

AB is terrible…

food is mostly ass. Id rather have a steak from random mom n pop restaurants.

People in the US love eating shitty food for some reason.

It’s Denny’s for 30 something suburbanites

Olive garden solves my problems when I gotta go out. I don’t think I’ve ever even been to Applebees. May have to check it.


People go there because they’re accustomed to it. Like many other chain restuarants, it went to pot as the reccession hit. Applebee’s used to be great. TGIFridays is another place that used to be good. AB’s hasn’t declined as much. The 99 is still great, though. UNO’s is pretty good, too.

Up here, all we have is chain places.

Ya’ll niggas is haters, Applebees tastes fine to me.

I thought MADtv lied about Olive Garden on their skit. But they didn’t. My Chicken Parmigiana was a chicken nugget topped with Lunchables pizza sauce and melted string cheese. Breadsticks and Sangria were good though. Still willing to give a different one a chance.

I live close to Little Italy for a reason.

Herein lies a potential clue:

Boneless buffalo wings are pretty solid. That’s all I got.

Wha? yeah, I’d be a MAD panda if they pulled that on me.


I haven’t been to an Applebee’s in a few years, but the most distinct thing I can remember is the horrid music. Have you ever tried to eat dinner while listening to Nelly Furtado, HAVE YOU!?


Truth, through an through. Chains out the ass here on the East Coast.

Suburbia white people love those places, NICKLEBAAAACK!!! CREEEEED!!!

Applebees is gross.

Fix’d ;).

Eating good in said neighborhood?