What is priority?

What exactly is priority in Marvel Vs Capcom? I read this Jin guide and one of the pros that it listed was how Jin has alot of high priority moves. Are all of those moves the ones that he has that set people on fire? In general, what effect do moves like that, that set ppl on fire, or put ice on them, w/e various effect, what does it actually do if anything? Or is it just for effects?

hmm i’m too bad in english to awnser you.

Hope someone explain this, i think is usefull.

It’s an abstract concept that deals with the startup and hit boxes on various attacks. Certain moves have “priority” over others because their hit boxes interact in such a way that one will often beat out the other from most distances.

It’s nothing that’s programmed into the game that X move beats Y, it just happens that way.

Priority is basically a term to describe a move’s inherent ability to override another move hitting on the same frame as another. Certain moves just overpower other moves due to hitbox and pre-ordained rock-paper-scissors programming. Like even if Ryu’s Shoryuken isn’t invincible it inherently beats out almost everything thrown at the same time due to it’s priority over other moves in the game, or how like in SFA2 Adon and Rose’s low Strong/MP had disgusting priority, cleanly beating or trading hits with almost every non-invincible move in the game. Certain moves/normals/whatever are just designed to have inherent advantages over the opponent’s attack executed at the same time.

No, SRKs have high priority **because **they start up quickly and have high invincibility. It’s not like if you go into the source code you’ll see <attack attack:name=“shoryuken” attack:priority=“1012930089571345153”/>.

Well maybe you will, this game is a mindfuck sometimes.

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Priority is an outdated term.

It is? How?

If two attacks hit on the same frame one out-prioritizes the other OR they trade having the same priority or around the same… unless this a whole new level of sarcasm not yet seen by the world…

When two moves active hitboxes collide, they trade. Any time this appears to happen and it doesn’t trade, it didn’t actually happen.

Read up about hitboxes.

huh? I can only give examples from ST…butttt…

In that game Guile’s standing lk’s beat out beast slide and they both have active hit frames landing at the same exact time…

I remember in SF4(Vanilla), I saw Damdai countering beast rolls with Ken’s crouching mp, Blanka took damage, Ken took absolutely none… is this some figment of my imagination…

EDIT: wtf did you read about hitboxes?

This is it. Priority is just an ambiguous term used on attacks that have a combination of good attack and vulnerable hitboxes. Like for example, Haohmaru’s HP slash in CvS2 has very good priority, since the hitbox on the sword is purely an attack hitbox, with no vulnerable hitbox inside it.

Off the top of the head, I can’t tell you why, but it doesn’t have anything to do with “priority”. If two active hitboxes collide, it’s a trade. If it doesn’t trade it means one of them collided with a non-active hitbox or one of them has some sort of invicibility, or armor, or some other property. You’d have to consult the hitbox video of Blanka’s ball to find your answer.

It’s common knowledge that “priority” isn’t real. It’s an oldschool term for the apparent ability of one move to stuff a bunch of other moves. HBRD said it was a “abstract concept” which I guess is an acceptable way to retcon some meaning into “priority” but most people aren’t gonna bother.

Well shit… I do need to learn more about them… but OP just asked a simple definition of what it means when people bring it up…

Now I’m finding a out the priority doesn’t really exist…

None of this sarcasm btw… seriously…

It’s okay to say a move has priority in respect to another specific move. i.e. Ken’s cr.mp has priority over Blanka ball or whatever, but it’s incorrect to say a move “has (a lot of) priority”.

Although, because priority used to be considered a real property, even saying it in the first respect can be misleading to newcomers as evident by this thread and some of the replies.

yeah all the elemental effects are just for show

Simply put, a move with “priority” simply had better hitboxes then the move it beat out.

Funny how the most to the point answers were the first ones.

Priority is a term describing how a certain move fares against others that hit roughly at the same time. It has to do with the move’s ability to extend its area of damage while keeping the character’s vulnerable areas somewhat safe, thus damaging the other guy while not being too exposed to damage yourself.

Prority properties may be relative to time or space. A move where the character stretches his arm to hit and only his main body is vulnerable has good priority in space terms. A move with startup invulnerability that only becomes vulnerable after it hits has good priority in time terms. These concepts get mixed in most moves, like, a character takes a step forward and his foot is very vulnerable, then the attacking limb may cover good space but still letting the character’s head exposed, etc.

Priority is related to speed and reach, but it is a separate property. A limb of Dhalsim has long reach, but is generally beaten by shoryukens. Some moves even expand their vulnerable areas before or ahead of their attacking ones, resulting in bad priority even though that move might have good reach or speed. It’s also and abstract property, as it is just the result of the properties explained in the paragraphs above. And it is dependant on situation, as a move that generally beats ground attacks may lose against attacks that come from above and so on.

This article does a goed job explaining it Guide to understanding Hit Boxes in Street Fighter : EventHubs.com

both of those examples happen the way they did because guile’s s.lk has an active hitbox out in front of his hittable hitbox, where as blanka doesn’t, therefor guile outprioritizes blanka because his move is touching a hittable hitbox while blanka is out of range. same thing with the ken situation, ken only has an active hitbox at the front of his mp, no hittable box there so when blanka runs into that he can’t cause damage because his active hit box is not touch ken’s hittable hitbox.