What is Pringles?

I fail to realize the correlation between the fourth game in the Marvel vs. Capcom series of fighting games from Capcom and the snack that has chips in a tube.

I only saw that one video on youtube. What does pringles mean? What does curley mustache have to do with Marvel vs. capcom 2?

Why is there no wikipedia entry so I can look this up?

haha psyched at first response…

“once you pop you can’t stop”

aka once yips gets you in the vortex its pringles.

it makes no sense really but why not make up multi-layered intricate useless pop culture references

EDIT: this should probably be the official hilarious marvel commentary jumpoff

I’ve always wondered what that little quote meant but never asked anyone because I thought it was “one of those little things everyone is supposed to know”. And if you don’t know it, you get called a scrub or something. I thought it had something to do with yipes liking to eat the chips or some shit like that.

Deus explains it.