What is going to happen to the rest of Mad Catz stock?

I’m not sure what the procedure is here but I’m sure Mad Catz has tons of fight sticks sitting in some warehouses somewhere. Will there be a liquidation sale of sorts? How would one be able to find these sorts of auctions/sales. The only information I could find about their backruptcy and who is handling their assets is this,

“The company, founded in 1989, is incorporated in Canada but headquartered in Mira Mesa. Its board of directors and executive officers have resigned, and PricewaterhouseCoopers has been appointed to oversee the company.” (link)

Anyone else have any info on this?

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That implies they had money to pay their manufacturer. My guess is there is some stock sitting idle, but not a ton. If you’re not operating in the black, you’re not going to keep a large stock of inventory on hand.

here in the UK some of their stock has been put up for sale by a 3rd party company

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Which company? Got a link?

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I’m not sure what your getting at?

The Mad Catz website looks like it’s been taken off line as is the Tritton site, but I found this site https://www.madcatzdownloads.com which has the windows 10 drivers for the TE2+ TEs+ and TE sticks. They charging a few dollars for each to help keep the drivers available apparently

I know the company is bankrupt/kaput, but charging 2 quid for something that someone else created–without their permission–is lame, extortive, and illegal.

I second that!, lol

You might not agree with the “lame” and “extortive” parts… but international intellectual property case law agrees with me.
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I was commenting on @herbaltea33 'a post about a guy charging 2 pounds-a-download for Mad Catz product drivers.
It doesn’t cost 2 quid-a-download to keep a site like that running. Links could point to a free Dropbox or google drive account. That guy is doing something illegal for profit. Hence, my comment.

So, why did you direct towards me. That has nothing to do with me. lol!
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Useless speculation is useless.

Every member on TT who did click on this post is going to get a free TE2+ but from the “To refurb” bin. :fearful:

I’m not sure what the joke is? I’m serious, they filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy which is:


I’m pretty confident these sales are auctions usually held in private but if someone here finds some info on where you could possibly purchase some inventory everyone here would jump at it.

They seemed to be having stock issues while they were still alive (considering how hard it was to actually get a TE2) so I don’t think they have a warehouse full of sticks to sell. If anything they probably have garbage like mice and keyboards to sell off.

Any auctions will be “warehouse” lots of products, so don’t expect to be able to pop along to an auction at hopes of getting a cheap fight stick, most likely another company will by the stock to try and make a profit by selling it on - so look for other companies selling cheap (unless they try to sell them as “collectors pieces” at a premium of course)