What is footsies in a nutshell!

I was just watching cross counter and mike ross and clacky D were playing ssf4 ae and they kept saying -footsie him- and ive read some of the footsie handbook but i really dont get what is a footsie overall so all help is needed! thanks!


Read the handbook again, it very clearly goes into great detail what the general definition of ‘footsies’ are, as well as its many aspects and uses.

To help you…watch this

And read the footsie handbook, AND then watch that video again.

To explain footsies, it’s basically using your best button to punish your opponents button presses. Take Ryu’s Cr.Mk, it enables him to punish whiffed normals, and it helps him control the space.

While whiff punishing is an aspect of footsies, its not its base definition. It’s more about vying for control over the mid-to-close range space. This is usually the area where both opponents have a variety of options and tools to utilize against each other to land damage, knockdowns, and fight for real estate on screen. This includes everything from crouching light attacks, to heavy low and mid pokes, to utilizing hop kicks and overheads, using fireballs, offensive specials, jump attacks, baits, etc etc etc.

I entirely agree with you. But that’s why I included the basically, as what I had written wasn’t defined well enough. Thanks for explaining it more, as you’ve not only helped him but you’ve helped me also.

i still am but i need to know what is it overall so i can understand it better haha

I just told you the basics of what it is. The website says it in the first paragraph. It goes into great depth as to what it is, along with good examples, explanations, and videos. Not sure how much more spoon feeding I can do here.

There is your nutshell.

spoon feeding? okey i get it but dont get smart about it…but thanks alot man i will read

y’ yeah thanks! …

i will favorite the site and use it well! and i hope it applies for the whole roster!

I apologize if I came off as kind of mean. But you asked me a good question, I gave you an excellent site that goes into great detail about footsies, and yet you seemed to be repeating the same question you had before. Not sure how else I can help, unless you have specific questions about a select chapter of the footsies handbook.

I had never seen the tootsies handbook before coming across this thread, thanks for the information eltrouble. I’m reading through it now.

i was not saying you were mean LOL your cool its just you sounded a little angry and i kinda said -smart- when i did not mean to say it ! i ment that you should not get angry about it but thx for helping me out man! hopefully we can play someday!

lol good luck with it!