What is fast fly, unfly, and flying screen?

Need to know what these mean for Sentinel…

From what I’ve seen in the forums, I think that fast fly means comboing into fly, and I have no idea what unfly and flying screen are at all…

And how would they be a applied(basically)?

I’m pretty scrubby at marvel, but I believe that means doing a lk or hk stomp, then cancel it into fly, stomp, then cancel the fly.

Probably wrong, but it’s just a guess.

Flying screen occurs in supers where it pushes your opponent away and your character automatically flies across with the screen afterwards (think Mag’s Magnetic Shockwave). I can’t help you with fast/unfly though :confused:



Ordinarily, when you unfly, you cannot do a thing until you reach the ground. There is a glitch that allows flight characters to unfly and then do any other action, this allows Sentinel to do combos he otherwise couldn’t and allows you to come out of flight and block Hail Storms on reaction.

The conditions for the glitch are that your character must have been hit by an attack that would knock them to the ground on their feet (but not completely knockdown). If you normal jump, you lose unfly and must fulfill the conditions for it again. Unfly also lasts for a certain number of actions.

There are some more quirks to it (I think there is another condition that can give you unfly), I suggest watching the Unfly section of Joo’s Combo Collection: [media=youtube]lxlKKZk_3z8[/media]

Fast fly allows you to recover quicker from going into flight mode (thus the name), but command for it is a bit more involved - you must fly, let the stick return to neutral, and then do the attack of your choice. This lets Sentinel insert flight mode into air combos, and do things like launch, jLK LK, fast fly, jLK+Commando Assist LK xx Rocket Punch… it drastically ramps up his damage potential off a launch, even outside of the corner.

Ah, thnks tried watching that part of the dvd to no avail, I didn’t know how unfly actually applied just knew what it was… well off to try out some combos… is there a way to activate unfly without having to get hit first? Sentinel is a large character and getting hit once could mean getting my ass beat, high stamina or not…

EDIT: Got fast fly down a bit, its hard to get used to letting go of the joystick before continuing the combo… unusual to me, but good shit nonetheless, it seems like the moment it hits neutral, recovery of fly is just shaved off completely…

yea there is one method I know of.

with sentinel if you do s.lp, s.mp, fly, unfly attack, the attack will come out.

when sentinel does a grounded 2 piece he stores an unfly attack. However if you fly attack, unfly, it won’t work because the fly attack removes your unfly.

This is really specific glitch and works with all flying characters iirc. Its not good in every situation but it can save your life here or there.

Alright, I think that takes care of my question… thks…

Damn… I feel like I missed so much as far as MvC2 goes, a lot of shit has been found since the game found out that should’ve broke the game but didn’t… how this game managed to come out resembling balance i don’t even…