What is being a top-player with twelve?

what kind of twelve player that able to survive with ken yun etc etc ??

how they do it ??

Turtle up when you need to, and be safe at all times.

If Ken hits you, you’re going to lose half of your health. You have to seriously outplay the other person to even have a shot at winning. You can only do things that you know won’t get you killed.


Exactly. Bait them, punish whiffed attacks, and tourtle your muthafuckin’ azz off!!!

ie: you have to be better than them.

you have to use a fresh strategy every round, or just outright be lucky

the thing i hate most about twelve is he can win the first few times, but after that i guess people learn how i play and just fuck me over with good educated guesses.

Any good 3s player shouldn’t lose consistantly to a good twelve unless the twelve player is a schizo



looks like i got to ‘wow wow wow’ every second with twelve

Stay away from Urien, Ken, Dudley, Elena players at all costs unless u got tha ballz!

i’ve seen those when chikyuu’s playing 12 in evo 2k2 …