What is a mixup

i don’t know what a mixup is exactly can anybody explain to me what a mixup is exactly.

A mix up is when you use high, low attacks, jumps and throws during a block string in an attempt to confuse your opponent and open them up. For example throwing out many low attacks, then throwing a jumping attack or overhead in there and it connects because the foe got to comfortable blocking low, thus git mixed up when you threw that overhead attack in there.

Or another example. You jump in and most players think to block high expecting you to attack while jumping in. But instead you jump in but attack low when you land. Mix Ups work best when you’ve conditioned your foe to block for one thing so they wont be ready for your mix up attempt.

VampireSoldier nailed it.

If you didn’t understand it, just think of a mix up as - An offense that confuses (or mixes up) your opponent from defending properly.

thank you.

Just to be clear, mix ups don’t have to be in/during a block string. Mixing someone up on their wake up is probably the most common example.