What is a good current, obtainable, lagless converter for using ps3 pad on 360

Last time I looked into this there were converters here and there but they would be on some non responsive Chinese site or whatever and I could never get my hands on one. Ideas?


Thanks I’ll try them. Guess I didnt think of this, there arent official wired PS3 controllers are there? Would practicing with a converter and ps2 pad be close enough to a ps3 pad? (360 user having issues showing up to tournaments and messing up with ps3 pad).

etokki inpin is for ps2 to xbox 360. As far as I know, no such converter of decent quality exists for ps3 -> xbox 360. It would be easier to just get a ps2 pad and converter and get used to it. It is what wolfkrone uses.

Ordered, thanks.