What inspires you to keep playing?

Today, someone asked me where I would go with SF3. As if there needed to be some profitable outcome for him to even consider taking the time to learn it.

The raw passion that players once developed for a fighting game is gone, they are now inspired by money, sponsors and the “fame” within the community.

This might sound corny but I’m sure some of you will understand that for someone new to take this game seriously these days, they really just have to see that “magic”. I’ve always been intrigued by fighting games but something was always missing. The second I seen this game I knew I wanted to learn, I seen the magic.

The amazing sound track, the announcer, the parries, fluid animations, even little nuances like the blocking sound.

Such an amazing game, but unfortunately it has allot going against it. Big learning curve, small scene, small tournaments, 3soe sucks, and we have Louiscipher.


The 5 years I’ve been playing SF3, I’ve never been motivated to become a strong player so I could do well in a tournament. I wanted to become better so I could be better, simple as that.

With the motive of improving for self improvement, I cant see my self quitting this game as long as I have one person to fight against.

This game is fucking awesome, and I hope if you’re new to the game, your judgement isn’t clouded by the popularity of other titles. If you like this game, play it, learn it.

Because the new games fucking suck.


What inspires you to keep playing 3s when there are obviously other options?

The challenge

pretty much what you said!

I honestly just play games for fun, if I can find someone better than me, I’m grateful, because then I can learn from them.

i like the game. i like the other people i have met who play the game.

It’s a fun game to play and watch. It has been since when I started like 8 years ago, and it still is now. No other game besides the Bemani series have I dedicated so much time and money into playing and getting better at than 3rd Strike. These days I can’t play as much, but I still love following the scene. I want this game to stay alive by any means possible, and not just because “it’s old-school” or “it’s better than SF4/Marvel3/etc”. It’s just a fun game, and I’m glad to see there are still dedicated people who are keeping this game up.

I just find the game really fun.

I feel the same way. I play 3s to get better at the game because I love to play third strike. There is something about 3s for me that directly translates a persons acumen when you’re playing them and the matches always feel like they take place of even grounds. When I lose a match it’s because the other person was simply put better than me or played better than me. He had better reads, he dealt with situations better, capitalized better, had better decision making.

As for why some of the newer players don’t get as far with 3s as the newer games it’s probably due to there being no handholding in 3s. When you first start to play the game it’s drown until you learn how to float and that’s a big barrier of entry for most people. There is no instant gratification for getting rocked months on end and finding solace in sometimes being able to force a third round. All those beatings pay off as you start to realize situations and options that you have in your power at all times during a match. You go from being a cheap drugged up hooker for others to do as they please with to becoming a used car salesman who fucks people because you developed a fancy veneer.

I’m really more of a 3s fan than a fighting game fan, so moving on to some other game isn’t really an option to me. It wasn’t the first fighting game I wanted to really take the time to learn, but it was the only one that really felt right with me.

It used to be my goal to qualify for SBO but it doesn’t look like I’ll ever achieve that. Still, I love 3s, and most my friends come from the 3s scene. Even if I only have a handful of people to play against I’ll keep playing.

I guess in the back of my mind though, I still want to usurp JR Rodriguez as best Gouki in USA, and to beat afroRom in a tournament.

EDIT: And of course I’m a total fanboy of the Japanese scene. Little things like Nuki commentary, hearing Q’s theme blasting at SBO finals, seeing KSK lose all the time give a lot of character to the scene. How many other games have a Kuroda? (besides baseball)

I like that in Third Strike people who are better than me beat me and there’s no mystery as to why they did. It’s a real competitive game and while the barrier of entry is high, I can usually figure out what I need to do to get better. I compare this to SF4 or MvC3 where I can lose 10 games in a row and walk away not knowing why I lost any of them. I started playing about a year ago and I’ve made a lot more progress in 3S than any other game, because I know what I need to get better and the game actually makes me want to do so.

I get a big rush after an exciting 3S match, and I don’t really get the same feeling from playing any other fighting game. There’s something about the game that elicits strong reactions, from feeling like a complete idiot when you do something stupid and get punished hard for it, to feeling awesome after you do something pretty cool.

Another thing that’s cool about the game is how it is fun and interesting it is at pretty much all levels of play. There’s high level stuff that requires a lot of game knowledge and specific execution but what makes the game fun isn’t hidden behind that. Compared to something like Starcraft II where you have to have a pretty decent level of execution before you can really even start playing the game, 3S’s cool stuff is accessible basically once you figure out how to parry things.

It’s a perfect example of “easy to pick up, difficult to master” and it feels rewarding as you get better.

To know that 3S ain’t Jab Farter IV.

I plan to be at least as good as Kuroda by the end of the year.

Better start working on that bowl cut.

I’ve only been playing for about 2 years. What inspires me to keep playing is knowing (and seeing) that there are people sooo much better than me. I’m a competitive person, and seeing people like Kuroda, MOV, Nuki, KO, Boss or top Americans like Pyro, 5Star, LetBloodRun makes me want to get on their level. Just watching their gameplay and seeing how perfect their execution is, how they make the best choices, how well they mixup and read… it’s amazing. That’s why I’m in practice mode at least once a day.

Also, I find the Japanese scene a lot of fun to follow.

But how does it feel that you’re never going to be as good because you don’t have access to the same level of competition? Not that it matters much any more since this game is dead.

Profound sadness…

Nah but seriously, I just love this game, and even if I’ll never run sets with Kuroda it’s still a very fun game to play and challenge myself in.

I like Tekken, but I do not think its superior to 3S or more balanced. 3S is a quite addictive game. It never gets old.

Well as long as there are people to play at my local scene, and karnov still exists its reason enough to play. If there is nobody to play though, its pretty hard to stay motivated.

Did you see that kuroda is playing SFIV now?

He played in that ‘classic’ tournament that Mike Ross and Gootecks played in.

He wasn’t great… He tried to play like 3s, doing throw mixups, overheads a lot. Its nice to see him play a new game though.



Mike Ross.

Edit: Gootecks

How the fuck did I mix those two up.

Kuroda playing SF4 means as much as seeing KO playing Vanilla way back: not a thing to me. Show us some more footage of him in 3S, because that’s what this thread’s supposed to be about. >8T