What input do you prefer for command grabs?

Out of the blue, I’m asking anyone who mains a Grappler or Hyrbid character. What input do you prefer for command grabs?

360’s and 720’s.
Half Circles (can include KOF Half Circle plus forward or back motion)
Other (describe).

I prefer Half Circles. I’ve never had an issue with dropping my Half Circle grab with Alex or Clark from KOF. I can do 360’s but they’re kinda’ awkward for me and I’m like 90% consistent with them depending on the game and how lenient the input is. Curious what you guys think.

Half Circles. My scrub ass can’t do 360s without a jump in first -.-. 720’s? HAH.

Pretzel commands can go to hell.

I prefer half circles though I can 360/720 pretty consistently. I like the 360 motion for Supers.

Yo, I can do standing 720’s. Tachi Gigas motherfucker.

I prefer half-circles I guess, but I don’t really have a preference.

I don’t mind 360s if the game gives you enough pre-jump frames to execute them.

GG-style HCB, F / HCF, B is a pain on pad though.

To you guys who prefer Half Circles, do you play on a Stick or Controller or Hitbox/Keyboard?

Stick. I can see why a Keyboard/Hitbox user would prefer a Half Circle as well, though.

I like shoryuken (623) input command throws.
Vise- Cyberbots (though most VA have command grab of sort)

You guys are pussies. No mention of 900s for grabs.

What the hell command throw in KoF uses a pretzel? The closest I can think of is Vice’s super, and that’s not a pretzel.

Half Circles, but depending on the command throw, I wouldn’t mind a hcf or even a DP motion like Hanzo and Galford’s SPDs in Samurai Shodown.

I guess Goro’s grab (HCB, F) is Pretzel-esque.

632146+P is no pretzel motion not even close.

360s are fine as long as there is jump protection.

Charge Commands. See Jubei Yamada from Fatal Fury Special.


The fuck is a Hitbox?


I like my command throws to come out by spinning the stick and mashing P buttons so I can grab anyone that misses their blockstring/link.

this should be T. Hawk’s ultra

he does a 900° spin, slams you into the ground SO HARD, and there is just this massive cinematic eruption of concrete and dirt and debris… and then when the dust settles, you are lying at the bottom of Tony Hawk’s pro crater

I really don’t have a prefered command for my grabs since the “harder” that input is, the grab has better properties overall.