What if your MAME screen goes on sideways? How do you get it to be normal?

I’m trying to hook up MAME on my coworker’s computer at work. When we play it the screen goes on sideways. Its my coworker’s first time playing MAME and he is so excited but he is mad because it only shows up sideways. How do we fix this problem? He has one of those big widescreen LCD screens.

put the screen on it’s side…duh

haha come on man. Is there anything else? Because he uses that computer for work too. So he needs to switch back and forth.

But that was funny

We can’t tell you how to adjust the MAME settings without knowing which version of MAME you’re running. If you’re just running the command line official MAME, then then check the config file, or rune mame -showconfig to see the command line switches.

Its version .72.

What’s command line switches?

If you’re running it from the command line, you should be able to specify the parameter -[no]rotate when running the game i.e. mame -norotate romname. If it’s mame32, you can configure it in the ‘Options’ menu by selecting ‘Default Mame Options’ and select the’Display’ tab. There should be a dropdown for Rotation where you can specify what you need. I’m running version 1.04 so it may or may not be availabe in your version.

Here’s the link to the mame command line parameters (please note, I haven’t tried this as I run mame32)


I think the best solution for initially getting to grips with the emulator would be to get mame32.Once you have a feel for things, you can go back to the command line.

Hope this helps.

I’ve actually seen a lot of people who are really into shmups turn it on it’s side to play. So while it may be an impractical solution it’s not totally out of the question :looney:

Haha!! … I have my monitor vertically mounted ('tated) in my arcade cabinet specifically for that reason. It helps to play that way when you’re playing mad Japanese shmups with a gazillion bullets flying everywhere :looney:…

Do you have the default mame controls set. Like ctrl alt space etc. If so you could have accidently pressed the video card short cut <Ctrl+ALT+Arrow KEY> (UP I THINK). To get it back to normal just press that combination again Ctrl+Alt+UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT arrow key. Hope it helps.

The default mame32 controls for .72 in the rotations category are auto, none, clockwise, anti-clockwise, auto clockwise, and auto-anti-clockwise.

None of these work.

My Mame32 at my computers at work cannot go from sideways to right side up.

Are there new rotations for the latestest Mame32? If so what are they?

no no, what i meant by controls was the actual buttons pressed. On some video cards when you button mash and press CTRL+ALT+UP ARROW, the screen rotates. The first time you played it, was it in correct alignment? Then after you played it flipped all of a sudden?

Nevermind I finally figured it out. You run it on a window. Haha. So sorry.

To toggle a vertical game to horizontal, Press Left Alt & Enter.