What if you made a Sports fighting game?

What if someone(though fighter maker or mugen) made an original game that starred nfl,nba,nhl,mlb,nascar,poker and mls players(and some owners) as fighters? Who would you play? What would thier play style be like and who you think would be both top and bottom tiered?

john mcenroe god tier seeya

Wow. Not created by VGMaster?! All the traits are there:
-Bad idea
-No actual input from the OP
-Those who reply are supposed to do all the “work”

well i mean ‘sports fighting game’ thread is a lot more fun than ‘should i get mvc2 or hd remix’ imo

Both suck equally imo

Joe Montana and Kobe vs Roger Staubauch and Prime Shaq

I’d play OJ
Superior footsies, OP runaway with EX Ford Bronco, and regains health with broken Johnny Cochran assist.

OJ will lose to Evil Barry Saunders and God Jim Brown team. Even they can be beaten if you matchup well. Hell Orochi Allen Iverson + Gold Coach Jimmy Johnson with Tony Hawk 900 Assist to zone and keep pressure. AI+JJ is kinda cheesy with Tony Hawk because of the weak damage scaling on Jimmy Johnson’s halftime lockerroom rants does stupid damage up close. AI’s mobility and zoning compliments Coach well.

Aikman is has a spammable run game with emmitt to parry blitzes or BnB block string with crazy chip damage. As long as you activate his super armor assist SA2 ( Deion Sanders) he’s easily top-mid upper tier. I can go 5-5 4-6 with Top tiers with my SA3 : Irving Over the shoulder.

Bjorn borg + Another Bill Russell(left with one arm after rough fight with Jabbar in a studio in LA) Completely busted and broken. Banned from Tournaments.

Even Prime Jordan + Dale earnhardt with Coach K’s Final 4 Prep assist can’t hang with em.

sports lol

This is the only good thing coming from this thread.

GTFO everyone knows JJ is tourney banned once the enxtenze glitch was found; full screen unblockable for like 80% with dickgrow FRC Dinner With Jimmy Johnson

sports own bitch

uh izzy alcantra would just destroy everyone, not even close. Pete Rose would also just fuck people up.

Pete is kind of cool because of the slide that can off-the-ground you into EX suicide fly ball. I mainly use him to absorb damage for Weapon-NY Thurman or Riod Rage Bonds.

Chris Paul + Ben Reothlesberger is pretty good. The Rape Charges Assist heals him by 25% of his total life bar. Chris Paul can just pass the ball right back to Ben and infinites 1/6 of the cast by itself. George Steinbrenner’s stare support ability can keep paul from bleeding super with his forward pass hijinx. Ben is hard to bring down unless your Demarcus Ware support ability gets activated.

john mcenroe yelling taunt to power up would be sick. maybe if he gets full meter he could go super saiyan

ron artest punching people in the bg taunt that powers him up

Jermaine oneal buster wolf on the drunk guy in the crowd.

that one guy from srk who was on the front page who became a pro poker player throwing cards at people like gambit

korean starcraft announcers coming up like the toasty guy but saying “gee gee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” when you win a match

Micheal Vick would be broken cause he is fast enough to rush down, big enough to hurt you, can space you out and would be the only one with multiple dog assists. Massive trap game to boot.
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