What if they made SFxT combo system more like SF4 rather than chains?

would this make the game have far more longevity? i understand the point of this game was to unite SF and Tekken players by trying to unite both concepts in one. Rightly so, chain combos is what Tekken is all about, but it destroys the technique of what made Street Fighter of what it is today. I say fuck the chain combo system in SFxT and keep it Street Fighter, meaning, 1 frame links, plinking, double tapping, all the good shit where you have to have skills to connect. All the chain comboing, they could leave that in TxSF.

All you scrubs need to get it in your heads that CHAINS DO NOT MAKE A GAME LESS DEEP. In fact some of the deepest games Capcom has made have chains (MvC2, VSav, etc.).

And you have no idea what you’re talking about. Over emphasis on links and plinking are SF4.

I don’t know what to say. :rofl:

I’m guessing you were paying attention to the other thread and agreed with it? Chains and hit confirms are fine, its just not when it gets to a launch point. Its a decent system but being able to turn a safe move into a high reward thing is a bit iffy. Maybe If it ended with a special and inspired the player to utilise the tag cancel or something. Oh well.

Ahahahah oh wow.

Just like how Spiderman 3 made the first two films crap, MVC3 has somehow made all games that use chains shallow.

All this stuff is SF4, not Street Fighter.

Chains in a ground based game do suck though. See Alpha 1 (yes it had other problems). In a footsie based game every random hit leading into a knockdown is a bad thing.

Ideally we’d have a combo system that primarily revolves around basic 2in1s or chains canceled into special, you know, like every good SF game.

Why even bring up this question when its never going to happen.

Please ban the OP.

Because every random poke at full range will knock you down all the time… oh wait, IT WONT seeing as the chain can and will whiff. Chains in this game aren’t like MvC3 where almost every it is assured. Try to chain from the wrong ranges and your shit whiffs and gets you punished. That said, even if you do get knocked down flat on your ass, you can still tech roll out - something that Zero 1 never had (but that, surprise surprise, MvC2 and VSav did).