What Hypers beats Sentinel's Hyper Sentinel Force? Details Inside!

The properties of Sentinel’s Hyper Sentinel Force is pretty interesting. Once the flash goes off, he is guaranteed 3 waves of drones. Even if he is hit, the waves of drones will go through. I was a bit bored and did some testing on how other hypers would interact with HSF. I apologize in advance if I don’t know the official names for the hypers… anyways here is the list!


-Captain America-

Hyper Charging Star: Effective midscreen or close range.
Final Justice: Effective midscreen or close range.
Hyper Stars and Stripes: Useless/ Minor Trade.

Captain America has two hypers that do well against HSF. Hyper Charging
Star and Final Justice. They do decent at mid-range but from full screen the invincibility of both hypers will wear off and Cap will get smacked by the last wave. Hyper Stars and Stripes has invincibility in the beginning but will get smacked out by the second and third wave.


Happy Happy Trigger! [Ground]: Useless.
Cuttin’ Time: Effective at close range.
4th Wall Crisis: Useless.

Deadpool has Cuttin’ Time to deal with HSF but must be done fast! If done to late, it will hit him out of it. His other hypers are not that useful against HSF. Luckily super jumping and doing his Happy Happy Trigger in the air can be useful if you actually hit his head.

-Doctor Doom-

Photon Array [Ground]: Minor negation.
Sphere Flame: Useless / Minor Trade at the end.
Doom Time: Effective at close range only.

Photon Array can negate some waves depending on the distance but will usually get hit by the last one. Doom Time is only effective at close range. Sphere Flame doesn’t do much except on the way down.


Chaotic Flame: Useless / Minor Trade.
Stalker Flare: Useless.
Dark Dimension: Effective at all ranges and travels fast.

Dormammu’s only direct Hyper answer is Dark Dimension. Because of the invincibility and fast speed of the hyper, it will hit Sentinel anywhere he is grounded once HSF is activated. Dorm’s beam hyper will only trade if the first wave isn’t in front of Sentinel. If the drones are in front of Sentinel, the drones WILL protect him and there will be no trade. Stalker Flare may kill some drones but it won’t get them all, thus one will hit Dormammu and canceling the effect.


Gamma Tsunami: Average Trade.
Gamma Quake: Useless / Minor Negation.
Gamma Crush: Best used from close range. Can be used from full screen.

Hulk has a great answer to HSF in the form of Gamma Crush. It can be done from fullscreen but its better to do it in front of Sentinel’s face. Gamma Tsunami can negate some waves and just trade with Sentinel with the last wave. Loses effectiveness the closer you are to Sentinel. Gamma Quake isn’t effective because of the timing. The falling rocks may stop a drone or two but for the most part they will still combo Hulk.

-Iron Man-

Proton Cannon: Useless.
Iron Avenger: Effective at midscreen or closer.

Iron Man’s only answer to HSF is an Iron Avenger at Midscreen or closer. The closer the better. Proton Cannon doesn’t do a damn thing if the first wave is in front of Sentinel. The drones will blast through unharmed hitting Iron Man out of his Proton Cannon. Iron Avenger’s invincibility does not last too long if done from full screen and the last wave will hit him out of it.


Magnetic Shockwave: Effective at ALL ranges.
Magnetic Tempest: Minor Negation depending on rocks.
Gravity Squeeze: Effective post-flash.

Magneto is decently equipped to deal with HSF. All the shockwaves will blast through the drones and hit Sentinel. Damage depends on the distance. This can be done at reaction, as Magnetic Shockwave has some invincibility. Magnetic Tempest isn’t that great and only negates the drones if a good chunk of the rocks are out on the screen. Gravity Squeeze will only hit post-flash. Magneto can still get hit pre-flash so be careful if you do this in front of Sentinel’s face.


Hyper Psionic Blaster: Useless.
Hyper Battling Ram: Useless.
Killer Illumination: Only effective at close range.

For MODOK, the only way to punish a HSF is through Killer Illumination. His other options don’t do well. Hyper Psionic Blaster doesn’t get the chance to trade because the bottom drone will hit him out of it. Even if it powered up to 9 levels of understanding, the bottom drone will hit MODOK and stopping the hyper from hitting Sentinel.


Phoenix Force [Regular]: Useless.
Phoenix Force [Dark]: Useless.

Phoenix’s Hyper doesn’t much against Sentinel. It doesn’t trade because the top drones will eat most if not all the damage once it reaches Sentinel. The bottom drone will knock her out and the rest of waves will combo. The “projectile” part is most of the body minus the tip of the wings… which is what misses the bottom drone.


Emerald Cannon: Useless.
Taking out the Trash: Useless.
Road Rage: Effective at close range only.

She-Hulk doesn’t have many options against HSF aside from Road Rage. Even if you somehow get the first hit off with Emerald Cannon, when she tries to jump back she will get hit by the other waves.

-Spider Man-

Maximum Spider: Useless / Minor Trade.
Crawler Assault: Useless / Minor trade.
Ultimate Web Throw: Useless.

For Spidey, he has no answers for HSF when it comes to hypers. Maximum Spider is invincible when he goes to the wall but after that he will get hit by the drones. Same goes for the limited invincibility with Crawler Assault. Ultimate Web Throw requires Sentinel to be in the air so this doesn’t apply at all.


Lightning Storm: Useless / Minor trade.
Hailstorm: Decent trade if done at post-flash/airborne.
Elemental Rage: Effective at most ranges [spacing dependent/button dependent]

Lightning Storm does not protect her from the drones as they will blast into her. Hailstorm is tricky to time against HSF. If she actually manages to go airborne and is already in post-flash mode, the drones WILL hit her but her Hailstorm will continue to hit Sentinel. The drones will not be destroyed from the hailstorm. Elemental Rage has some interesting properties! It summons a little ice spike which can negate one wave of drones. Because of this, it can push throw the first wave and hit Sentinel. It will put her in an auto-combo mode which will make her immune to the other drones. Another thing to note is that depending on which button you press, determines the placement of the Elemental Rage “ice spike”. So you can even punish Sentinel from full-screen if the :h: is used!

-Super Skrull-

Skull Torch: Useless.
Inferno: Effective at close range once the flame sphere starts.
Death Penalty: Range dependent but effective if chosen correctly.

Super Skrull can answer HSF in two ways. With Inferno, it must be done early enough so that he is engulfed in flames. The flames themselves shield Super Skrull as well as damage Sentinel. Death Penalty avoids the drones completely if you hit Sentinel’s head. If he misses however, he will get hit by the last wave. Skull Torch doesn’t do anything.


Mighty Tornado: Useless.
Mighty Thunder: Useless / Minor trade.
Mighty Punish: Effective close range only.

Thor’s only option to punish HSF is his hyper grab. Mighty Tornado does not protect Thor from the drones. Unlike Magnetic Shockwave, Mighty Thunder doesn’t do anything versus HSF. It will do a minor trade at the end. Same goes for Mighty Tornado if done early. A couple of hits upfront before getting hit by the drones.


Beserker Barrage: Useless / Minor trade at close range.
Fatal Claw: Useless / Minor trade.
Weapon X: Effective at close range.
Beserker Speed:: Useless.

When it comes to hyper vs hyper, Wolvie’s options is limited. The only thing he can do is use Weapon X at close. His other options may do a minor trade before getting hit by the rest of the drones.


Weapon X Prime: Effective from anywhere!
Rage Trigger: Useless / Minor trade.
Silent Kill: Not good for punishes.

X-23 ties with Magneto in having one the best hypers to deal with HSF. She is COMPLETELY IMMUNE to all drones as she runs by to hit Sentinel when she uses Weapon X Prime. Rage Trigger will hit him a bit before getting smacked by the other waves. You can actually get hit OUT of Silent Kill pre-flash and losing all 3 of your bars.


Legion Arrow [Straight and Grounded: Time dependent. Will sometimes hit Sentinel twice if the arrows start to spread as they are shot, destroying the drones.
Legion Arrow [Slant downward and Air]: Time dependent. Will destroy the top two drones and the rest of the arrows will hit Sentinel.
Aegis Counter: Useless.

Depending on how many arrows begin to spread once he shoots will determine if they will penetrate Sentinel as well as protect Taskmaster from the drones. Aegis Counter does nothing against HSF.



Messatsu Gouhado [Beam]: Useless.
Messatsu Gouhado [Fireball]: Effective at any range.
Messatsu Shoryu: Minor Trade.
Raging Demon: Effective at most ranges.

Akuma has a good answer to HSF in the form of his fireball hyper. It is important to use the one where he throws a bunch of fireballs as opposed to the beam. The fireballs will punch through the drones and hit sentinel. The beam WILL NOT. Even the aerial version. His rushing hyper will avoid the first wave but will then get hit by the rest. Raging Demon works pretty much anywhere. It does seem to have full invincibility where ever it goes.


Okami Shuffle: Effective only from normal/super jump.
Value of Mists: Situational.
Divine Instruments: Effective only from close range.

Okami Shuffle actually does destroy the drones during the flame part but not the rest. That is why you must do a normal or super jump in order for Ammy to start jumping away from the other drones. Value of Mists is hard to use on reaction to HSF but it does slow them down, giving you more time to jump away. Divine Instruments is good only at close range.


Goddess Bracelet: Negation from full screen.
King’s Armor: Situational.
For the Princess: Effective at any range.

In any version, naked/armor/golden Goddess Bracelet is the same. At least when it comes to negation of HSF. If done from full screen, it can negate the drones that will hit Arthur. King’s Armor will protect you from one wave, but you must block the rest. For the Princess is a great punisher because it hits mostly anywhere like Gravity Squeeze, but the invincibility on it is much greater.


Grenade Launcher: Useless / Minor trade.
Sweep Combo: Useless/ Minor Trade.
Satellite Laser: Useless / Minor Trade.

Chris only gets minor trades from his hypers against HSF. Grenade launcher will stop two drones but the bottom drone will get him. If he launches the grenade part of the hyper he will get Sentinel. Sweep Combo will hit Sentinel for the beginning part only to get smacked out by the other waves. Same thing goes for Satellite Laser. Lasers do nothing against drones.


Kikosho: Effective from close range once the sphere appears. Negation from mid or full screen.
Hoyokusen: Useless / Minor Trade.
Shichisei Ronka: Average to Minor Trade.

Despite having access to a level 3, Kikosho is the best punisher she has. Even if done from far, it will eat all the drone waves up. Her level 3 unfortunately won’t get to finish because of the second and third waves of HSF.

-Crimson Viper-

Emergency Combination: Average Trade.
Burst Time: Useless / Minor Trade.
Viper Full Throttle: Effective only from close range.

Emergency Combination has some weird properties. For the most part, it will try to push through the drones and hit Sentinel at the same time. But the drones somewhat “eat up” the amount of hits that the hyper has, thus giving Sentinel a chance to block. Or sometimes it goes to your favor and you end up hitting Sentinel for a two hit combo. It is best to use it as the first wave is going to hit you, to take advantage of the invincibility. Burst time does nothing but a minor trade if done close before the drones get her. Viper Full Throttle only works at close range because of the short lasting invincibility.


Jackpot: Useless.
Devil Trigger: Useless.
Devil Must Die: Effective at almost any range.

Jackpot only destroys the top drones, while leaving the bottom drones to hit Dante. Devil Trigger’s special abilities doesn’t stop HSF at all. But his level 3 is great punisher, even at full screen! So if you got 3 bars, punish that big scrap of metal!


Dancing Flash: Useless / Minor Trade.
Kitty’s Helper: Useless.
Help Me!: Effective at close range.

Dancing Flash my avoid the first wave but the next ones will hit her out of it. There is not enough time for you to throw an attack out with Kitty helper to hit Sentinel AND block the next wave. The helper does not negate projectiles. Help Me! is great at close range because of the amount of invincibility it has.


Rapid Fire Fist: Useless / Minor Trade.
Giant Haggar Press: Useless / Minor Trade.
Hyper Haggar Slam: Effective at close range.

Hagger doesn’t have much aside from his level 3 to punish Sentinel. His other hypers get stuffed or may throw in a pixel of damage depending on how early you get Sentinel before the first wave hits.

-Hsien KO-

Chireito Blades: Minor / Average Trade.
Tenerai Ha Balls: Minor / Average Trade.
Rimoukon: Situational.

Even though Hsien KO’s hypers do not cause negation, they will conitnue to happen even if she gets hit. Especially the blades. As long as the flash happens, the blades/spiked balls will come and depending on the location of Sentinel he will eat some damage. Her Hyper armor can provide some assist in pushing through HSF but be careful in doing so since Hsien KO does not have much health.


Finishing Shower: Useless.
Shadow Servant: Much more effective from full screen. Trades at mid screen and closer.
Astral Vision: Situational.
Darkness Illusion: Effective at close range.

To my suprise, Shadow Servant actually destroys all of the waves of HSF if done from full screen, ON TOP of damaging Sentinel himself. It becomes less effective if done from mid-range or closer because of the last wave that may miss getting hit by the hyper. Finishing Shower does not share this same luxury as the missles do nothing but explode in Morrigan’s face. Darkness Illusion is only effective at close range because of the invincibility. Astral Vision doesn’t do much but perhaps give you more mix up options.


Shinku Hadoken: Useless.
Shinku Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku: Useless / Minor Trade.
Shin Shoryuken: Effective at close range.

With all the buffs Ryu’s beam hyper has, it still doesn’t even trade with HSF. The only remedy to this is super jumping on reaction and aiming downward. His hurricane kick hyper can be used to avoid the first wave but will get hit by the rest. Shin Shoryuken starts and auto combo on the first hit, protecting him from the other waves.


Bionic Maneuvers: Useless.
Bionic Lancer: Useless / Average Trade.

Depending on the timing, Bionic Lancer can be used to trade with HSF but in general it gets stuffed by the other waves. Bionic Maneuvers on the other hand gets completely stuffed and does not destroy any drones.


Max Voltage: Useless.
Round Harvest: Useless / Minor Negation.
Duet Pain: Effective at close range.

Max Voltage [Grounded] does nothing against HSF. Round Harvest actually destroys the middle drones of the first two waves before going back to Trish. Duet Pain only works from close range. Overall it is best to super jump and use Max Voltage from there or if your close use Duet Pain.

-Tron Bonne-

Lunch Rush: Useless.
King Servbot: Useless / Average Trade.
Shakedown Mixer: Effective at close range.

Lunch Rush doesn’t do anything do HSF. Even if you somehow managed to dodge the first wave, the second wave will come so fast that it will eat the Lunch Rush projectile and then Tron. King Servbot can cause a trade depending on when it gets activated. If done too late, he wont grow and you wont deal any damage. But once he grows up, he will plow through Sentinel. He does not destroy the drones however. Shakedown Mixer is the only reliable punisher if done within throw range.

-Viewtiful Joe-

JDesperado: Useless.
Viewtiful God Hand: Useless.
Mach Speed: Effective at close range / Minor trade from midscreen.

Desperado kills the top drones of the first two waves before finally the bottom drone hits Joe’s feet. Viewitful God Hand isn’t fast enough to punish HSF. Mach Speed is at it’s best if done from close range. The reason being is that it goes into auto combo mode and making him immune to the other waves. If done from mid screen or further, he won’t go into auto combo mode thus only avoiding the first wave and then getting hit by the other waves.


Phantom Dance: Useless.
Rhino Charge: Useless.
Lost in Nightmare: Effective at close range.

Wesker doesn’t much of a choice aside from his level 3 to hit Sentinel. Phantom dance is suicide as is Rhino Charge when it comes to trying to counter HSF.


Rekouha: Useless.
Sougenmu: Situational.
Genmu Zero: Above Average Trade.

The actual pillar of Rekouha does nothing to stop the drones. His Sougenmu is situational in a match but does nothing against HSF directly. His level 3 is a bit of a toss up. You need to make sure it will kill Sentinel if your going to use it. It will avoid the first and sometimes the second wave but in general you will get hit at some point of the hyper. Because of Zero’s low health you need to make sure this is the killing blow.


Plasma Storm: Negation.
Hard Drive: Effective at most ranges.
Hyper Sentinel Force: Negation.

Sentinel can negate an opposing Sentinel’s HSF through Plasma Storm or HSF. But to come out on top, Hard Drive is necessary. Used with a tiger-knee motion in order to do this on reaction.

Nice guide. In Sentinel vs Sentinel, after activating HSF the opposing Sentinel can do a tiger knee Hard drive and go through HSF from full screen.

@Diaphone: Ah cool! I completely forgot about to actually test Sentinel vs Sentinel. Hard Drive has some sick properties. It can actually go through Hailstorm and hit Storm! I will update a Sentinel vs Sentinel part.

Awesome thanks for the info Tanion, very helpful.

I also wonder if any standard specials are useful in this aspect. For example Skrull’s command throw might avoid the damage from all 3 waves at mid screen, and of course open up a can of combo whoop ass. That’s the only one that comes to mind though.

chris satellite laser works if you’re point blank.

You need either a move that is very invincible like Arthur’s Lvl3(Save the Princess) or something that can not be stopped after the hyper combo flash screen(Storm’s hail Storm or Sentinels HSF, HSF will just cancel the opponents HSF though so only use this is you need to counter their HSF)

I did find out something interesting. I’m not sure if it will work with other teleporters but when I was playing against a very scrubby Sentinel with my Wesker, I did Phantom Move :l: [Teleport] and he did his HSF more or less at midscreen. Apparently… his drones spawn slightly behind him. Since Wesker’s doesn’t really track but puts him at a certain distance at the screen, I was seeing Sentinel drones spawn a little bit behind him, perhaps about a Arthur’s character size behind. Trying to see if I can replicate the results. Didn’t get to punish because I was just amazed at these drones spawning behind Sentinel’s butt :rofl:

How is this useful? You do know that once the flash screen is done there is nothing that can stop the drones from coming out, so if you punish sent during HSF you will most likely die because you will catch the HSF in the back and you will get launched afterwards.
Once HSF goes off thats it nothing can prevent the drones from destroying everything in their path but there are things you can do such as cancel out the drones with certain hypers, use a hyper that has lots of invincibility.

Something that teleporters can do? In most cases HSF drones appear way back behind ensuring Sentinel safety. The window for punishment is random since it is screen dependent. There are other hypers aside from ones that are fully invincible that can flat out destroy the drones like Morrigan’s Shadow Servant, which is useful so you don’t always have to blow a level 3 in reaction to that.

I wanted to point out real quick that Storm’s Elemental Rage can hit Sentinel from anywhere on screen, including full-screen! She can vary the range of the initial iceberg hitbox by holding down an attack button as the super is released, with the differing strengths controlling how far out it goes. Consequently, be much more wary of doing naked HSF on Storm if she has meter and is anywhere on the ground, especially since Elemental Rage can access the hitstun/damage decay reset DHC glitch. :stuck_out_tongue:

At the time I did not know you could press a button to change the ranges of the hyper, so I assumed this was only good at point blank range. But now you can punish Sentinel from almost anywhere from the screen! Good points on that! Especially since her Elemental Rage is a DHC buggy Hyper.

It’s probably better to not attempt to punish sent with just a teleport since the timing is a little funny, hyper combos seem to be the way.

I did not know this. Thank you for the pro tip this will come in handy since I run Storm.

What about jill and shuma? Jills gun hyper seems really really good.

Since Jill and Shuma are out, can we get some suggestions for them as well?

A note on Wolverine being limited to “Close” with Weapon X. You can cancel from his Berserker Slash into Weapon X for an invincible rush from full screen, if I’m not mistaken.

TKing a Phoenix rage gets through drones and hops over the bottom row I believe. This is with Dark Phoenix though.