What has street fighter taught YOU?

I started fighting games last July. So far I’ve applied what I’ve learned to my career as far as quickly downloading peoples motives, their habits, and how to press my own advantages. When to be patient and when to act, how to be aware of my surroundings, and most importantly the art of manipulation.

Before I started 2D fighting I was lacking confidence, and was unable to quickly adapt to my situation. Now I take on every day like its heads up. So what has Street Fighter taught you?

I’m not quite sure of what it’s taught me yet. But it certainly gained a little more kinship with my dad in terms of understanding his competitive spirit in poker.
Part of the reason why I want to play is to become good enough to win significant amounts of money in tournies, y’know be better than he was at his thing.

Not at all out of spitefulness either.

I put SF in the same class as poker. You just have to read people a little quicker in a fight.

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huhn, kinda an interesting question. Any competitive thing will teach you to play the opponent, but I think fighting games taught me how to be calm under pressure. Guess there’s a lot to be said about character development - HA who said games were a waste of space :D?

Fighting games is very similar to chess, and both teach you similar and important values. It teaches you how to be competitive, which compels you to improve yourself, in whatever aspect of life it may be. It teaches you how to develop a training regime, which is valuable in learning any skill. It teaches you how to stay motivated, because we all go through that phase where we ask ourselves, “why am i doing this?”, but when you find the answer, you’re able to press on and improve yourself.

I think most of all it teaches you how to handle loss. We all lose at the game at some point. Sometimes it’s our own fault, and we’re able to go back and re-examine what we did wrong, and find ways to improve ourselves to overcome that obstacle, and become better for it. But it’s important when you lose, and it’s not for any other reason other than you simply lost to a superior player. THAT’S when you learn the important lesson about how to get past that plateau. When it’s not enough to simply train, or practice your execution, or re-learn a matchup, but when you get your ass handed to you. It’s about learning how to push past that plateau and finding creative and unique ways to deal with your loss, and more importantly, to get that salty runback, to show HIM what it’s like to lose, and to say, “Let that L burn in your chest.”

It’s actually helped me with tennis. It’s kind of hard to describe, but basically it’s helped my “execution” or my form before I hit the ball back. Adjust accordingly to every situation, similar to how you use a different attack for every situation. I’m a lot more conscious of myself now.

Fighting games in general require dedication and practice.

Hmm interesting question. I’d say that it taught me that in order to do be successful with something you have to put time and dedication into it.


Also, that I should go home and be a family man.

It has helped me in working. Before I started playing competitively, I use to make minor errors. I would make minor slip ups because my mind would go into autopilot when doing a task. I may have missed a small detail.

This was evident in my gameplay for a long time, I would go into autopilot a lot. Now I am more focused and aware of what’s going on in matches, and the same has applied to my work.

It has also helped me better evaluate risk/reward in certain situations. Before I played SF, I was less of a risk taker. Now through SF, I’ve learned to take more calculated risk, and make the proper adjustments for my loses.

I felt like Street Fighter has helped me avoid so many car wrecks.

I’m not even kidding.
Someone else brought this up with me, and I had to agree.


Not much about real life, but my Yomi level is off the charts in any game I play now.
Come see me in Monopoly breh.

It has taught me to handle confrontations through physical violence and then make a memorable comment after I win.

Taught me to never give up regardless of the odds

everytime I get into a street fight I crouch block and mash throw tech when they get close

Mostly that I’m terrible at street fighter.

practice makes perfect

Taught me that grabs are cheap as hell in almost every game with a good throw range, also spam crouch tech.

lesson #1
I am too slow for FG

lesson #2
online games suck and input does not work without an arcade stick

lesson #3
SF sucks, SNK games are better