What happens when a fat man doesn't get his Mcdonalds Chicken

Quite insane for someone to take it to such a high level of vulgarity for some disgusting chicken! Look at those poor kids walking around with their parents going like “wtf mommy!”

I guess this can be an anger video thread?

I was amused. What a pitiful showing of a lack of self-control.

What are you lookin at bitch? FUCK YOU!

A Wal-mart McDonalds. That CAN’T be good.

We have a Mcdonalds inside of my local Wal-mart…truly classy.

that guy should meet this crazy lady

lol wow what a guy. it aint that serious bruh its just chicken lol

my walmart also has a mcdonalds

chicken is vital for american fat people

That bitch was screaming for Shark Fin soup.
Why can’t I have shark fin soup? There’s a fucking bay out there!
Those greedy assholes eating all the Shark Fin soup without leaving me some.
That’s exactly what the lady said.

Back on Topic.
The most trashiest place in the world collide. (MickeyD and Wally World)

Damn…I had to turn the volume down.

Not no more. Now we gotta walk across the parking lots to the one on the corner.

No one bothered to cover the kids’ ears. Their innocence died that day along with that guy’s self respect.

Rufus has to eat before his next match guys. Be reasonable.

His respect died a long time ago.

Lol…I guess he’s pissed because they don’t Super Sized anymore.

Fuck me, link 404’d.

Same here. I wanna see this.


Here’s part of it. Little bit of youtubing. I’ll try and find the rest later.