What happened to so cal marvel?

We used to be the best. Used to be. I suck, and I did the best at evo. Our top-placers at 06, did not do so hot. What happened? I know a lot of the og guys stopped playing, but sup with the youngbloodz picking up the slack? Our pool of talent is still the best in the country. However, our arcades suck. YOU KNOW WHICH ONES THEY ARE. Nothing we can do but console. Even though so cal is mostly divided, something has to be done. Going to evo used to be a momentous occasion for so cal. We would see all our top players in the top 8 fighting amongst each other for the title. Now we can only do that at evo west. I don’t think anyone cares, since we’ve always been the best. Now, more than ever, it is clear that we’re not. The East, ny in particular, is now at mt. olympus, while we struggle to keep a name.

Here are my solutions:

I recommend that you guys study my tournament videos @ zachd.com/mvc2. Click the search funtion, and type in “potter”. Copy my strategies, because similar to Constantine, they came to me in a vision.

I can’t think of anything else at this point. Sorry. If you guys have any input, go for it. But so far, I think copying everything I do would be best. :slight_smile:

I’m on my way to check your Video’s Potter:tup:

West is the Best!..some day:sad:

We just need one sick ass arcade to play at–

sup mang.

me and finesse vs you and bill. sounds nice right?

or we can just do me vs you, and me vs bill seperately.

no beef, just good times and c notes.

I have a family to feed. 100 is too much. 20-40 @ ucla arcade is fine with me. Best sticks in so cal, even though i still mess up 75% of the time(because I suck).

who is this robast?

I’ll be giving out free lessons at the UCLA arcade during winter break. There will be plentiful parking for the break, thus saving everyone on parking. Plus the arcade is open until like 11pm (I think). Notepads are encouraged. They sell pens/notebooks on the floor below. So go figure. I will have office hours on Thursdays from 3-6pm @ BHGL.


LMAO :rofl: good shit

Heck I need some training with sentinel…:sweat:

Well, I moved here from Norcal for school a few years back and I’ve noticed that Socal, more than any other place I’ve seen has a ton of cliques and people aren’t really open to new people, particularly if they’re scrubby. It’s like there’s a class system here where people become higher castes the better they get at Marvel. There are people here who see themselves as videogame celebrities.

It’s pretty intimidating if you feel like you’re walking into a group where people are pretty set. Hopefully more blood will come up when SF4 comes oot though.

I sound bitter, but hey I wouldn’t have said anything if you didn’t ask.

not so much in marvel, but this applies to 3s on a major level. Marvel players for the most part are pretty cool if you just try talking to em. Shit finesse is cool with me and all we do is talk soda. Potter is pretty cool too, the only problem is I think I annoy the shit out of him. But I do that.

I’m particularly scrubby in terms of Marvel too, but I beast on all those regency fags left and right.


Yeah I’m gonna have to say No to that one potter. BTW didn’t top 5 fanatiq place higher?

No offense, but you were this year’s Eder. Congrats on an easy bracket.

thanks you did ok too.

bring back Marvel to the IE. :rock:

^^^ you should play with dark prince, mike chaos, and reset, they live near there

10/f/CA . e-mail me for chat :blush:

IIRC I paid just as much as you did for the room. Not only did I change my outfit every single night, I also wore 2 outfits the night I went out with my ex. You think I cared whether people talked trash? Why would I constantly talk trash to people, if I really was afraid of a little trash talk back? I used stick cuz I wanted to. If I could go back in time, I woulda used pad vs. Chris Schmitt, but yipes would still be stick. I truly think you talk so fresh cuz you know I don’t do violence any more. When I saw you at ffa, you said nothing besides “Man I didn’t do it.” Now you get online and your fingers have never felt more alive… C’mon man everything in your post was dumb. Try someone else. And give pott’s nuts some air. Everyone knows he doesn’t play WC cuz WC beats him pretty badly (or at least thats what the people say). Not that he isn’t good. I’ll even say he’s better than me (not on pad of course). You’re…well lets just say if you were on God of War, you’d be the mortal difficulty. Gratz on top 256 in marvel.

Wow, so umm the videos that clearly show me wearing 3 different outfits on the 3 different days of evo are kinda void smart guy. In fact in my interview (for qualifying top 5), I didn’t have on the checkered outfit (friday). But in the finals I did(sunday). Yet in the match vs. nelson I had a totally different outfit (Saturday). Second, Dominic never told me you took the ps2. So I still don’t know why you got mad at him. To this day he has never told me nor implied you took it. You would mess me up cuz you got long beach? That means you all would, not you. Not that I don’t have people that would be more than willing to have my back. I’m not even going there though. Its no secret though I come from a large 9 member family of which I’m the youngest. It’s all irrelevant though as who you know and who I know doesn’t have anything to do with me not liking you. I don’t like you, its that simple…now you talkin bout playin me for money too…$250 aint good for you so make it $175 Im sure someone will back you. Btw you just a black man dipped in mexican…naw not really. C’mon man you try harder to be black than is necessary. Just be you but then you lost that with your “bad experience” which I’m not putting on blast. So find yourself or something, cuz this new wannabe you isn’t the business.