What happened to Daigo and Tokido in MVC3?

People keep saying that they got owned, and Daigo even got perfected, but nobody knows who they lost against. It was announced by the Evo commentators, but they don’t even know the names of the ones that beat them.

It’s a good question, I also wonder what happened to Justin, Champ, Combofiend, Ricky, and the rest of the top tier american players in AE. I was looking forward to Diago going far in Marvel and Justin going far in AE, or someone from their respective nations. What the hell happened?

Ranmasama knocked out one of them… can’t remember which one…

Ranmasama knocked out Tokido.

As for Daigo, he admitted that he wasn’t as confident in his Marvel game as AE – the competition in Marvel America is much stiffer, and he was not that confident going in.

daigo got perfected by a random. he was bragging about it near me earlier. also I constantly overhear people whining about wolverine in passing

That’s because Wolverine is brainless, esp. with Tatsu assist.

1st, failed sarcasm

2nd, I was only asking who beat them

3rd, you’ve been taking these “We have to show those japanese gamers that we are the best!” things way too seriously, so get a life

4th, the next time you don’t feel like helping/contributing, stay away instead

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1st, you don’t have to be asshole. 2nd that’s really all that matters.

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Ranmasama took out tokido



ranmasama is a beast i ve been owned by him plenty of times online…he has a nice rufus also, i gave him good fights though so it makes me wonder how i would have done had i went to evo?

showstopper could of gotten daigo but he choked at the end.

I the biggest upset would be Tokido and not Daigo, Seth mentioned something about Daigo playing to have fun, cause he already knew his chances were slim, its clear he does not like the game or takes it as seriously as Tokido does, this game will probably stay as MvC2 did with some random appearance from Japanese players but with a stronger mark in the US

Was there anyone pulling for the Japanese players besides me? I think its cool that they decided to step into mvc3 territory. Also, twitter updates just refer to the guy who perfected daigo as “kid”

Tokido got random out, he will be back to take some mvc3 money in other US tournaments later. we will see tokido to get some top 3 again.

Daigo is not that good at mvc3, but some how he still make it out of pool. I saw daigo prefect one guy on stream too. this game is kind of random even daigo can make it pretty far with some luck. I think Daigo lost to Noel Brown on the top 32 qualifier game. the Singapore and Australia guy who make top 32 lost to mago in shadowloo showdown ~_~

Yet top 8 is consistently the same people hmmmm

Apparently in the Marvel community, a game being random = consistently seeing the same people.

I don’t understand the logic on my planet, but arguing with them about it is usually fruitless lol.


this is not my logic. you can go ask other top mvc3 players. on srk podcast, even j wong said mvc3 is random anything can happen.

Floe, Tokido, chirs G can beat few of the players in top 8 in any given tournament.

mvc3 is random but not on the level where you’ll never know who will be top 8

Its made even more random that there is new blood that grind hard at it all the time.