What happened here?

Here’s a vid against one of ANBU’s “elite” players, anyways I go to do Gief’s while I’m close to the opponent. But when I go and do the super all of a sudden He’s way across the screen. The super still catches him though which is pretty funny. Take a look, maybe it’s just a game goof.


If you hold KKK long enough, Zangief will rush down to the opponent until you release it. You notice that he walked towards Ken before grabbing him.

Thing is, 1 I wasn’t holding anything, gief runs when you do the 360 using kicks and he’s far from the opponent. But if you look closely at the vid 1:34 you see that I was a perfect distance for the super to hit w/o him running up. But as soon as the startup animation finished. Ken appears on the other end of the screen and gief ends up running towards him.