What happen to cartoons? what makes a good cartoon and what you want in a cartoon?

. i was searching youtube looking up all the old cartoons i used to watch. wtf happen? i miss the cartoons that were funny and epic, cartoons from my childhood.robot jones, beyblade, filmore,american dragon, ed ed and eddy, billy and mandy, yu yu hakusho, and many more. most cartoons nowadays lack that epic feeling. as a future animator what do you guys look for in a cartoon? is it comedy, story line, action let me know

Just so you know, the “epic” cartoons you consider part of your childhood like Beyblade are the cartoons we consider shitty evolutions of ours.

Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles, Transformers, GI Joe, King Arthur and the knights of Justice forever.
Long live the late 80’s, early 90’s and FUCK Hannah Barbera.

Your not looking at the right places. Watch some Avatar and JLU.

Beyblade, American Dragon and Ed, Edd and Eddy sucked ass.

Silveeeeeerhaawwwks. /CAAAAWWWWW.

Just one of many bad ass cartoons in my days.

Minus Samurai Jack and a few others, there’s no such thing as an epic cartoon circa 2000s.

Korra Korra and Korra

Remember that Samurai Jack episode that was about some random guy running from Jack the WHOLE TIME?
I believe it was the first episode of the last premiere

For me, a good cartoon must make you, the viewer, feel some sort of connection to the characters.

“LOL ‘X’ is fucking hilarious”

“Wow, ‘Y’ is a fuckin’ BOSS!!”

“I can’t believe his sister died like that. He’s gonna be a wreck . . .”

^^One of those type of reactions.

For me, good cartoons are:

Dragon Ball Z (I’m biased, look at my name!)
Batman/Superman TAS (90’s)
Samurai Jack (The movie was amazing, the cartoon wasn’t quite as good, but still great)
X-Men Evolution
Spiderman TAS
Invader Zim
Dexter’s Lab
Johnny Bravo
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Gundam Wing
Rugrats (Old school, none of this ‘All grown up’ bullshit)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Haven’t seen the newer one yet, is it any good?)
G-Force (Gatchaman . . . I think. Is that what it’s really called? Why did they change it?)
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Mummies Alive
Darkwing Duck
Goof Troop
Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers
Sonic the Hedgehog SATAM
Duck Tales
Old School Disney shorts from the 30s/40s/50s
Old-school Warner Bros. shorts
Tex Avery cartoons in general
Pokemon First season
Ed, Edd, and Eddy

There was other stuff, buuuuuut I can’t remember. Back to making tourney flyers now. >_>

Darkwing Duck was amazing. I remember buying his toy motorcycle, best day of my life.

Not sure if this was early or mid 90’s but I love Biker Mice from Mars. Oh and Johnny Quest, both versions.

I was a big fan of Rocko’s Modern Life during the mid-90s to be quite honest.

Every generation has good and bad cartoons. People tend to forget about the bad ones during their time and ignore the good ones currently on due to whatever.

It sucks ass that Samurai Jack is still stuck in the future…Aku won the war.

I can’t hate cartoons based on collectables for some reason…they’re just so predictable and cliche to hate. Well, I definitely didn’t predict playing them on motorcycles though.


thanks, your advice will really help me in my future, p.s you have very good taste in cartoons

Cartoons are all I watch anymore, I’m glad I could help even if it’s only a little.

Saturday morning this was my shit

Samurai Pizza Cats


The regular show is a good cartoon, so you can’t say they dont make em

I just finished watching that! :smiley:

Man I miss the old days when i use to come home from school and catch an episode of Spiderman then batman TAS pokemon gundam,DBZ.the other day i was watching cartoons with my nephew and i was shocked at what was on the tv.It was some show about some Goth kid who’s all around asshole and complains every episode.

Where you watching this?!?!

I don’t get it. What is wrong with Ed, Edd, n Eddy? That show was actually pretty entertaining.

This one on the other hand…

Torrents. Won’t get into the details çause I don’t wanna get banned. :frowning: