What grinds your gears?

What is it about your opponents, or just fighting games in general, that can really set you off? For me, it’s taunting. I’m a pretty casual fighting game player atm so i’m also pretty terrible. I hate it when I go up against someone who obviously knows what they are doing, they start owning me, then they taunt. It’s like “really dude? it’s obvious you’re way better no need to taunt”.

I don’t really get that upset when I lose. I mean, I want to win and I try to win, but if I lose, I lose. The taunting thing though…idk why it just really grinds my gears lol.

So, what grinds your gears?

People who complain about taunting. Just have fun and relax. Learning heroes need asswipe villains to motivate them.

I don’t know if anything really “grinds” my gears, per se. There are certain things that make me feel guilty about my gears, though.

when I play a high level player online, we have a decent enough match or sometimes even a set… i ask for advice afterwards and they ignore me…

Pointless threads on SRK

I’m pretty good at most fighters so I win alot and use many character in fighters I really enjoy. The point is I usually do very well against anybody and when playing with friends I sometimes pick character I kinda like but not enough to learn beyond a basic level. My friends tend to be good players because playing with people I almost always beat makes beat feel like a bully.

Anyway what grinds my gears is when my friends are playing their main or one of them and they beat me when I’m using a mess around character then talk crap. Even jokingly I’ll get a little salty, it’s like “how many times have we played together? YOU KNOW I don’t take that character seriously you jerkoff stop laughing!!!”

It’s weird because if I play my main characters lose then get taunted I’m like “good game man I’m so very happy your getting better” but if it’s my goofy character and get taunted Im like “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU STICK IT UP YOUR ASS BITCH I HATE THIS GAME!!! THIS WHY IT WON"T BE AT EVO NEXT YEAR CAN"T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL> GOD THIS GAME SUCKS!!!”

Literally screaming into the mic it’s bad lmao.

When people ONLY play low tier and fall back on it as an excuse when they lose.

Aerial moves that hit low.

It’s when I know what the other person is doing yet do not have an option to deal with it.

Scrubs that use top tiers, taunt if they win and have the nerve to rage quit +hatemail when they lose

People who STILL complain about throws and call them cheap. As Sagat would say,“Accept your weakness. Never return here.”


Ahh yes I also hate the ones that ragequit after you beat them once. Like one time I played this guy about 5 times and he was winning but I was kinda figuring him out and then on the sixth time i’m able to beat him and he leaves. that is also annoying.

Presence of the twins in the SFIV series.

people complaining about “cheap” tactics and “cheap” characters
i have some friends that are actually good at fighting games, but are very scrubby when it comes about how they keep whining about stuff, like sentinel, hulk, tager
despite not being the best of the chars on their games

you know this probably happens to them pretty often. they are under no obligation to help you

Low tier heroes who complain that you only won because of tier rankings and that you should “man up.”

Or you could be playing 3rd Strike where taunts actually have gameplay value (or, worst case, you’re playing Alpha 2 and he’s trying to help you by giving you free meter).

yeah i also dislike the “I’m more honorable than you cause i pick low tier” players.

and yeah i play 3rd strike lol but they usually taunt me at the end right after they’ve killed me lol

people shouldn’t complain about taunts, it’s an option of the game

complaining about throws in SF is lame, you should play KOF and see what a command throw nightmare is really like

kids these days need to grow some balls

oh this is perfect time for me to vent about this!

One thing thats been annouying me is how my opponents worrying about me playing one character. Their were time where my opponent would be upset with me playing my usual character. I never understood why they worry over it and when i asked them they say “Its boring”. I even had a long annoying argument with one. (apparently I was being selfish by not agreeing with his ideas)

well either way i think its stupid for these player to worry about you opponents antics. They are free to do what they want, in the need we only control our own shadows.

no one in the thread has even complained about throws…