What game have you NEVER lost in?

I can honestly say I’ve never had a defeat in GG series or the Naruto Fighting Game series. Be honest when posting don’t try to make yourself seem godlike lmao. Probably suffered maybe 2 losses in DBZ Budokai 3.

Lost maybe 12 races out of possibly over 200+ at Initial D 2nd and 3rd stages. -0-

Good shit man

I was the shit in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. I never lost… but I also never played a pro. :rofl:

The Game. Which everybody reading this thread has now lost. GG

anyone who ever played a game competitively has lost once in there life.

with that being said in tony hawk underground and ssx tricky no one from my school was touching me

Way of the Warrior, Rise of the Robots.


EDIT: Also Life

Whats GG?

And I never lost in the following:

Rocket Power Beach Bandits(When I was in like 8th grade I played this game like crazy lol)
Smackdown vs Raw 2006(Never lost, But the new style for SvR games suck so I stop playing it)

If you haven’t lost in a game, then you aren’t looking hard enough for competition.

NCAA FOOTBALL 2007 i Raped online. Still have not lost.

Guilty Gear

That’s not exactly true sir. I agree with the Smackdown vs Raw. And yes it’s Guilty Gear thx :P. And regel lmao

Eye Toy Antigrav bitches xD

Eye Toy Antigrav bitches xD