What fighting games do u have/excel at/suck at/favor/hate?

So many games out there i was just curious to know what srk’ers own on a general consensus, which fighters you feel most skilled at and ur favorites…yeah i know everyone will say 3s lol.

Heres what i got:

tekken dark ressurection
sf aplpha3
dbz shin budokai


svc chaos
gg x2 reload
samurai showdown 5
marvel nemesis
kof max impact
kof 02/03
kof neowave
mk deception

kof 00/01
vf4 evolution
sf ex3
sf alpha anthology
naruto ultimate ninja
tekken tag

smash bros

powerstone 1,2
kof 99 evolution

battle arena toshinden 3
x-men vs street fighter
kof 98

neo geo pocket color:
snk vs capcom match of the millenium
samurai showdown
kof r-2

timekillers…i know i know but i was like 8 or 9
king of the monsters 2
eternal champions
ninja turtles tournament fighters

melty blood react

Wow i nvr noticed how long i been playing fighting games till now anyways the fighters that i’m confident i could rape just about any tournement quality player in are svc chaos/marvel nemesis/mvc2/vf4/kof neowave/and i used to b above decent at 3s but i’l need a month or 2 to get my rhythm back.

cvs2…i love the game but for some reason unless i’m using sagat or iori i’m barely an averagely skilled player.

Eternal champions and capcom vs snk:match of the millenium are my 2 personal favorites but unfortunately since there isn’t and nvr has been any tournament scene for those games i’m gonna have to go with the usual answers: 3s/mvc2/kof98.

Time killers and rise of the robots are by far the absolute worst fighters evr if u ever come across either of these games turn ur ass aroound, RUN home, and fix urself up with a parry remedy made by 3s.

I got everything under the sun…excel at 2d fighting games…mainly SNK…Capcom games I play barely and just for tournies because they bore me as being uber-old…can play 3d… Excel at Eternal Champions 1 and 2 as well,

I’m KOF buff…CVS2 is too slow for me…where the hell are the Hyperhops?

…well the games that im pretty good at are

games that im fairly decent at are
SF 3rdstrike
KOF series

Games i suck at are

The games i wanna improve in the most are
SF3rdstrike, GGslash, KoF11

I have
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (US)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Quebec)

Killer Instinct
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter II Turbo

Super Smash Bros.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO
Soul Calibur II
Super Smash Bros. Melee

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
Capcom Classics Collection (SFII WW/CE/HF)

Street Fighter III: Double Impact
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Super Street Fighter II X for Matching Service
Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Tech Romancer
Plasma Sword (unopened)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Konami Collector’s Series: Arcade Advanced (Yie-Ar Kung Fu)

and I am a scrub at pretty much every single one, yay! I just recently got a stick for the Dreamcast though, so if I can get used to that and break through my console gaming ways of using a game pad, then I may have a prayer. But that would require a ton of practice.

Seriously, I didn’t even know the j.FP/c.FP/Hadoken combo until a few years ago when I started playing with my friends in the student lounge.

I was good enough to take 25th in the SFA3 tourney at Comic Con… which means I won twice, heh. That was my first experience with what V-ism could do.

So, yeah, I’m new to the scene.

My collection:


Guilty Gear X2
Guilty Gear Isuka
King of Fighters '00/'01
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
Tekken Tag Tournament
Tekken 5
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution


Dead or Alive 3
Dead or Alive Ultimate
Guilty Gear #Reload
Iron Phoenix (I know, I know)
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Maniax
King of Fighters Neowave
King of Fighters '02/'03
Samurai Shodown V
Soul Calibur II
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
Capcom vs SNK
King of Fighters Dream Match '99
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Soul Calibur
Street Fighter Alpha 3

JAP Saturn:

Fighting Vipers
King of Fighters '95
King of Fighters '97
Last Bronx
Street Fighter Collection
Vampire Hunter
Virtua Fighter 2
Virtua Fighter Kids
Virtua Fighter Remix
X-Men: Children of the Atom

I’m decent at Street Fighter II and Virtua Fighter since I used to play those back in the day. I’m getting back into fighters so we’ll see where I’m at next year.

well i’m a scrub but… games i excell at

3rd Strike, FF MoTW, Soul Calibur

Games i suck at

CvS2, GGXX, KoF, Tekken, MK [any] Melty Blood, EFZ, Smash brothers

Games i favor

GGXX, FF MoTW, KoF, Bloody Roar [didnt put that on excell or suck cause that game doesnt count XD] Soul Calibur, Melty Blood [fun characters and combo system]

Games i hate

MvC, DOA, Tekken… >>

but i will play any fighting game

I own

VF4 Evo
SVC Chaos
Tekken 5

I am the best at:

VF4 Evo

I am the worst at:

all the other ones

I hate:

Tekken 5 and SC2

For console I have
Tekken 5
and sadly MK Deception somehow ended up in my house.

Id say Im best at Tekken 5 and CvS2, but that’s not really saying much.
I’m absolutley god awful at GGXX#R simply because I haven’t played it much.

i own:
marvel vs capcom 2
capcom vs snk 2
street fighter anniversary
guilty gear xx
guilty gear xx#reload
guilty gear xx slash
garou mark of the wolves
narutimate hero 3
kof xi
melty blood act cadenza
samurai spirits tenkai
street fighter 2 turbo

off the top of my head

i’m very good at smash melee, despite me not having it (or even a gamecube for that matter). mainly a falco user, but i switch it up with roy, marth, and zelda from time to time.

good at marvel and the naruto game, pretty mediocre at cvs2, getting good at melty blood because i got one of my friends into it so i have some competition.

Dual Blades & Sonic Battle

I’d kill you all in Xmen: Next Dimension with Nightcrawler.

I have 3rd strike, CvS2 and Alpha 3. Im okay at Snk2 and 3rd strike, but I suck in Alpha 3

KOF 2k2/3
Soul Calibur 3
Tekken 4

KOF Neowave
KOF Maximum Impact Maniax



And…I suck at all of em. But I like em all/haven’t played much of them.

I’ve got sooooo many fighting games and ROMs. But I’ll just go over what matters.

3s is my favorite game. I practice consistently with alot of characters, but I mainly stick to Yun for anything serious. I consider myself really good at it. I’m no Nitto, but I’m definately not easilly intimidated when it comes to 3s.

MvC2 is my 2nd favorite fighting game. I’m decent at it, but I dont play it as seriously as 3s (not much comp in my town). I’ve got the basics down like Rom and some sentinel shit, but I get owned by anyone who knows what there doing.

CvS2- I used to be ok like 2 years ago but I stopped playing and have gotten pretty scrubby these days. I kinda hate the game now actually.

Tekken- a scrub trying to learn.

Soul calibur series- I dont play it anymore but I used to be really good a few years back. Played SC3 for like a month when it 1st came out and quit because of a lack of comp for the broken ass game.

A3- I’m a HUGE scrub at this game but for some reason I feel the urge to try to learn it.

Here I go with my list

Vampire Savior

Out of those three the top two I’m good at. Not the best but I can fight.

SFAA(A1, A2, A3)

3S, A3, and CvS2 are my major fighters. Although I need to get back into T5. HSF I’m fairly good at with ST Ryu, Turbo Vega, and CE Bison. CFJ I mainly play Ryu, Bison, Guile and Guy. And GGXX is where Slayer goes full blast. I have a pretty good Johnny. But, Slayer is my primary char.

Double Impact

None of those get played anymore.

Since I have zero competition available, it’s not exactly right to say I excel at any fighting game. Ones I play, enjoy the most and practice a lot at are:

  • CVS2
  • KOF XI

I favor:

  • MVC2, it’s fun but I’d like to challenge people when playing it
  • Tekken 3, the most fun I’ve had in the Tekken lineup.
  • Soul Edge
  • Soul Calibur 1
  • SF2 (basically any version)
  • Melty Blood

I hate:

  • SFA3

I suck at:

  • MVC1. Combo dummies.
  • 3rd Strike. I’ve played it for about one hour in total though.
  • GGXX. I like the game and all but Maniac mode crushes me and my inner scrubbiness.

The only games I really like are MvC2 and A3, both of which I’m pretty average at- the difference being that with A3, nobody else plays the game anymore, so people think I’m really good.

There are are a bunch of games that I’d like to be good at but never got around to playing: VF in general, TMNT Tournament Fighters, various Guilty Gear games and Tekken- Tekken mostly because it’s popular, and so there’s always competition for it.

Games I have, off of the top of my head:

KOF 97
Marvel Super Heroes
MSF vs Street Fighter
Fighters Megamix
Soul Calibur
Guardian Heroes (sorta counts)
SF2 CE/HF (Genesis version)
SSF2 (same)
Battle Arena Toshinden Remix
Eternal Champions

I think very few games are really retarded, it’s just a matter of taste that I don’t like some. I even have a newfound respect for XSF after seeing the side tournament at Evo, and I used to think that game was microwaved ass. It is a surprisingly solid game. Samurai Showdown I just don’t get; maybe it’s because #3 and a bit of #4 are the only ones I’ve played, but everything is so slow, and your weapon bounces back when someone blocks an attack, which I’m not used to since I’ve played mostly SF games.

ST is fun to play with people who don’t REALLY know how to play the game, and just have the basics down, like myself. People who’ve been playing the game for the last 10 years are leagues above me, but it’s a good game to mess around with. I don’t think I’d ever enter a tourney for it unless I got some good competition.

A3 I like because it’s actually a pretty simple game in many ways; it just has a complicated system around it. A2 has a little more to it, but ironically is quite retarded in some ways. Super meter has more use (many level 1 supers are actually good, CCs, Alpha Counters). Ground recovery makes things interesting, though for some reason I hate the idea of rolling after being swept (especially since you recover almost instantly). The speed of supers bothers me somewhat, though you get used to it (not being able to block unless you started before the screen froze). ACs without a Guard meter like in A3 can get on your nerves. CCs are pretty dumb sometimes, espcially since the speed of supers which I just mentioned, which is what allows Valle CCs. Also the CC “blowout” range, where you can’t block them if you’re standing too close to someone who activates. ie. Ken does c.RK xx command roll, and then activates. I would like the game better if ACs did less damage. Also there’s an issue with jumping out of crossups, but whatever. It’s still better than most fighting games, I think.

I can’t play CvS2 for some reason. A bunch of people were saying it was like A3 when it first came out because of the different grooves (those people were hella wrong, btw), but the movement of the game bothers me. I dislike rolls, but it seems harder to counter pokes, espcially pre-roll canceling, which is when I gave it a shot. Now that RC is in the game you can beat any attack, but I’m way to lazy to learn how to RC, so there goes that. Also, the running in the game throws me off a bit. RC also odd because you can get hit by random RC moves which aren’t meant to be invincible, when you should be able to beat them. I do sorta like the way Zangief plays, but they shouldn’t have weakened his lariat from A2/A3.

Good to see anoother vf player

vf4 evo is by far 1 of the best fighting games evr created if not the absolute best it would be the undisputed best if the learning curve werent so hard but after a few hours it gets somewhat manageble anyways who do u use? i beast with lion.

Im Good at:
Eternal Fighter Zero
Garou: Mark of the Wolves

I Suck at:
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Guilty Gear X2 Slash
Super Street Fighter 2 X

I love:
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Street Fighter III: Third Strike

I hate:
Marvel vs. Capcom 2

I own:
Holy Jesus im not writing all that out

might as well put up my collection >>

Me and my dad together own

PSP [my dad, i dont have my own yet sadly]
Tekken DR

Nintendo DS
GG DS [wish i never bought it]

Garou MoTW

SF Alpha
Dynasty Warriors
SF Ex 2
SF Ex 2 Plus A
Bushido Blade 1
Bushido Blade 2


SF Anv Collection
2 CvS2s
SFA Anthologies
2 Tekken 5s
2 Soul Calibur 3s
Bloody Roar 3

SF Anv Collection
Samurai Showdown 5

PC [my pc]
Melty Blood React
Eternal Fighter Zero
Mugen [with over 200 characters]

Mame [My PC]
Darkstalkers 2
Garou MoTW
KoF 2k
KoF 2k1
KoF 2k2
Marvel Super Heros VS Capcom

We HAD all four ps2 Anv d-pads [he gave 3 of em away and my ken’s down on the d-pad doesnt work… >.< damn it]
and we have 3 modded SF Anv Collection Arcade Sticks [all with happ competition parts]