What fighter do you think is the most fun to WATCH, at high levels?

I for one think that High Level Virtua Fighter 5 play is a beautiful thing to see. I’m just not very good at the game myself, but I love it.

Super Turbo- Low tier strong players. PONY/Toutanki raping a bunch of Shoto players, Kusumondo, Taira… guys like this just rape you hella hord.

Third Strike.

Tekken 5 DR played by Koreans.

Third Strike.

Third Strike

Most anything, I’m not picky. I have a much harder time thinking of games I DON’T like watching.


EDIT: and VF5 forgot about that lol

Mortal Kombat.

Seriously though, most fun would be Super Turbo, KOF 98 and Third Strike.

For 3D fighters, Virtua Fighter (any series) and Tekken 5.

Komoda Braankaa and Vampire Savior

Well I’d obviously say GG.

Three 2008 members answering only with the sentence “third strike”. Funny coincidence. I guess it’s the effects of the Daigo-moment.

Personally, I’m not sure… They’re all good. As long as I know the game enough to understand what’s going on, I can get pretty excited watching a top game.

Marvel followed closely by st. 3s? Seriously? Whatever floats your shit, I guess.

3s was the only game, after seeing a video, which i thought … holy cow i want to play that shit badly !
ok blazblue maybe too … just cant get enough of watching it but no chance of playing it :frowning:

I like watching 3rd strike and Street fighter IV the most. I go on youtube and watch arcade infinity and FFA tournaments, theyre really good players and good matches with commentary.

Sam Sho Special- though it’s rare as hell to see.

ST and OG KOF '98. Marvel can be fun to watch too, even though I don’t like to actually play the game.



High level SamSho in general is just intense.

tekken tag and gg