What fight sticks work for both PS3 and PS2 games on a backwards compatible PS3?

I’ve never bought a fight stick before, so the two I was looking at were the Hori Fighting Stick 3 and the standard MadCatz Street Fighter IV stick. However, I just bought Street Fighter Anniversary for PS2 so I could finally play Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, and I’m not sure if either of those two sticks will work when I pop Street Fighter Anniversary into my PS3.

After a bit of research, it sounds like the Hori stick might work even though the box says it will not, but I haven’t seen anything even hinting that the MadCatz stick will work for this.

So my question is: What stick should I buy so that I can play both Super Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter Anniversary on my PS3?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’d really like to take Street Fighter more seriously and getting a good fight stick that will work for both games is the start of that.

HRAP Pro’s should work.

There was a firmware update on the PS3 that enabled backwards compatibility of the HRAP 3 with the PS2 games.

Likewise, I’d think an HRAP 1 or 2 should work with those games on a PS3 as well – assuming you get a good USB adaptor. The PCB’s in the HRAP’s 1 and 2 are PS2-native (still will work on a PS3 with the USB adaptor).

Mad Catz sticks for sure are NOT backwards compatible with PS2 games. Sony won’t release the code to make them backwards compatible. The only way an MC controller will work with PS2 games is if you swap the MC PCB with a PS2 board or an MC Cthulu.

Likewise, the newer Hori designs – the V3 SA and VLX – are not backwards compatible with PS2 games, either.

The new Firmware actually has the HRAP V and HRAP Premium VLX work Backwards Compatible now.

my dual modded TE(ChImp) works with both PS2/PS3 games on my 60gb

Because using PCB from Toodles of course.

Hoo boy. That certainly drives the price of the stick up then, doesn’t it? Okay, well, so you’re sure the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 works with PS2 games? There’s a review in there from March of this year that says it doesn’t. When was the firmware released? I just want to make sure I don’t end up spending more for a stick and then it ends up not even working.

Also, are there really no cheaper alternatives that also work with PS2 games?

But thank you for the help already. I’m glad I didn’t rush into anything.

HRAP 3 works, yes.

Anything cheaper?
I don’t know.

NOT to be mean, but there are a couple of things you have to be aware of —

HRAP’s have been backwards compatible for quite a while now…

Since at least last year before the Street Fighter IV launch.

Firmware doesn’t matter… You have to have the latest firmware to go online with a PS3 if you want to download games or movies. You can’t go back in time and I wouldn’t advise it at any rate. It’s best to keep up-to-date.

There are very few “cheap” alternatives. Those “alternatives” generally break down quickly and are made with less-than-ideal parts. They’re not comfortable or well-made.

Most of the classic sticks are sold out and many people have modded PS2 sticks and licensed sticks with arcade parts. There’s no rule that says they have to sell these things for under $50. Frankly, if I invested the time and money to upgrade something I wouldn’t sell for less than $80… ESPECIALLY if I put better parts into the stickbase. (I’ve done that will all my joysticks and I don’t have near the number of joysticks that some guys here do.)

These are NOT $20 controllers. You can’t even buy a Dual Shock 3 for much less than $50!

Get the word “cheap” out of your vocabulary.

These things are an investment and you definitely get what you pay for… It’s worth it getting these things right.

That said, I’d never go back to pads to play most fighting games. We’re in a renaissance period where it’s possibly the best time to buy quality arcade sticks thanks to Mad Catz and the companies that sell Japanese parts all over the world.

Well, I was really only interested in which PS3 firmware allowed the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 to work with PS2 games because I was curious to read the release notes to give me a clue of what my options are in terms of sticks. My PS3’s firmware is up-to-date. As for price, I was just thinking that I don’t need a really serious stick, but I don’t want one that will break down either. So I’m not really looking for the $20 knock off; I was just hoping there was a moderately priced, reliable stick with the functionality I was looking for. Seems like the best option for me is to just get the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3. Pricier than I was hoping, especially since I wanted to get a second one as well, but getting one should be fine for now.

However, what’s the advantage of the SA version?

HRAP 3 SA comes with all Sanwa parts; Joystick and Buttons.
As opposed to regular HRAP 3, which is only Sanwa Joystick.

HRAP 3 SE for all Seimitsu.

No reason to worry about the HRAP SE’s…

They’re pretty much unobtainable unless someone who has one is selling it used.

It’s easier now to buy an HRAP 3 SA – those are available all over the place – and refinish it with Seimitsu parts. Frankly not worth it IMHO. That’s another $50-$60 to say it’s now SE-equipped. (Not a huge of Seimitsu pushbuttons myself.)

I dunno if anybody’s selling the HRAP 3 SA at discount right now. (MSRP is $119.99 – a few months ago it was selling for at least as low as $89.99, sometimes down to $85.) You have to check all over the place online for best prices. It is by far the best option for HRAP outfitting and competitive with the Mad Catz TE.

I prefer the Mad Catz TE just by a slin margin. Both are excellent sticks with the exception that you have to re-equip the MC (swap PCB’s) to get backwards compatibility. The MC Cthulu will turn either stick multi-console if that’s what you want…

Oh yes, I forgot to type.
But HRAP 3 SA or HRAP 3 SE is super advantage over HRAP 3.

Now why is that?
No, not because of full Sanwa or full Seimitsu.

But the Mounting Brackets are Universal!
Able to install all Sanwa and Seimitsu Joysticks.
Unlike HRAP 3 which is limited to JLF and LS-56-01.
Seimitsu LS-31-01 in HRAP 3 would require major modify.

And also advantage is the easy of access to the insides.
With HRAP 3, would have to open from the bottom, and then 7mm socket wrench, then lift top.
HRAP 3 SA and HRAP 3 SE only need open from the top with Allen Wrench for the screws, then lift top.

Hm. I don’t really plan on doing a lot of modding, but I’ll keep that in mind.

I really appreciate all the help! I’m just glad that I finally know of at least one stick that’s both good and guaranteed to work with both PS3 and PS2 games. I really wouldn’t want to play Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike with a controller. In fact, I really just don’t want to play any Street Fighter game with a controller anymore.

Thanks guys.

Madcatz SE PCB will work on PS2 games backwards, but not the TE.