What EX DP change would you prefer

So Capcom took away the hard knockdown from EX DP because they didn’t want Akuma to get a easy way to set up the 50/50 air fireball. We’re not getting that back no matter how much we want it back. So with that in mind, what would you prefer if you had to choose. I know nobody ever post in this sub forum anymore. But hopefully any of you guys dropping by to take a look can at least vote just so I can see how my fellow Akuma players feel about it.

Or make it so it’s not a hard knockdown if you cancel it into vtrigger

Option 1 is bad and option 2 is bad and unnecessary. Los has posted the correct solution.

Granted, if he has to eat a nerf to begin with for whatever asinine reason, it’d be nice if his vtrigger actually becomes a parry now. Since VT1 is still 3 bars, and his v-skill remains an armor move on a low health character, and now generates less vtrig meter -_-

If they can do that then sure, that’s the option I’d like as well.

I’m rocking VT2 most of the time and I find myself using it a lot as a mega anti air since EX DP combined with the two enders does 349 damage, which is more than a Super. But I hate worrying about the fact that I might be doing it when my opponent is too close or two far so that they might fall out of it early.