What evening would it be best to miss to see a show

As I am flying from England, I would like to see a show or two

since one shows starts at 21.00 and another which I still haven’t decided starts at 19.30 but are only Friday or Saturday

so which day could I go to but not miss much as I only bene to Evo once in 2007 and I remember Choi playing Wong on Sat night and I THINK Wong playing some dude on MVC2 as well on Sat

Friday’s are fine to take off, as long as you’re in a early morning pool; but I dont think you’ll find out if you are for another week or so. Saturday evenings are safe to run away; any exhibition stuff they do is usually pretty late, but you’d miss spectating the semifinals of the big games (marvel and AE most likely).
If you HAVE to miss an evening for a show, DON’T expect to make it to semi’s, and CAN’T wait for the schedule and pool assignments to come out, get show tickets for Saturday. If you can wait for pool assignments, do that, and if you have morning 8am pools only on Friday, then go Friday evening; otherwise go Saturday.