What does your tean look like?

So now we got 20+ characters and more coming until February, what is your team looking like in regards to strategies and favorites?

Thor, Spencer, Ironman/Hulk

Deadpool, Joe, Wesker

You spelled team wrong.

There is a comma splice error in your signature.

Deadpool/???/??? ATM.

so far jill/deadpool/???
and keepway is mookie/doom/deadpool

Everyone, They all look awesome. Except She-hulk.

Really tho its too early to tell, since I have not played the game yet. Just basing it off of what I have seen.


That’s my ideal. Hopefully there’s some synergy in here.

My ideal team would be Ammy/Shuma/Thor.

Secondary (Granted she’s in) would be Hsien-Ko/Spidey/She-Hulk or X-23

Team bitches love Spider-Man is always welcomed.

My tean looks like a beautiful pair of juicy breasts.

Chicken. Fried chicken breasts.

This is a useless thread considering nobody has sat down with the characters long enough nor played the new new characters enough to make for any sort of interesting discussion.