What does the public associate with modern NASA?

Exactly what it says in the title. National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the US government agency responsible for civilian space exploration. What they do is common knowledge, but how much does everyone except the space community knows what they exactly do? If you are not actively following NASA, do you know what unmanned missions are going on right now, how many billions are they getting each year, how many field centers are there, and who’s the administrator without Googling? I know the answers, but I am disqualified because I do actively follow NASA. So GD, here is my question. Without any Googling or Wikipedia, tell me what qualities do you associate with modern NASA. Not the adolescent Apollo NASA, not the rebellious NACA*, not the naïve shuttle NASA, but the “young adult” modern NASA.With all sincerity, thanks in advance.

*Not a typo, NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) is the predecessor of NASA. Just FYI before somebody point this out.

It’s a fraud.

I just bought a Tempurpedic bed last year. The store clerk told me it was made by NASA. I sleep real good now, knowing that my bed is, in fact, a spaceship.

Lack of funding, fear of privatization and awesome with social media.

NACA on the other hand were responsible for all the odd shaped ducts found on any high-end car or aircraft built in the 1990’s…

Oh, man, that car is bad ass, man.

I’ve meet a lot of people who say NASA was a waste of money. and these are supposed college folk.

after class they where on their phones taking pics. fucking failures

as for me. I associate genetic engineering, methods for agriculture, fusion, plastic and ceramic testing, amd computer methods and models. I also know they have only like 1% of the defense budget allow to them. last mission to mars only cost like 10? million iirc. frugal and effective with their money

Typical pleb understimating the intense clestial power of selfies. Denying them can only induce the holy disasters.

According to Neil deGrasse Tyson NASA gets less than 1% of the entire US budget.
That needs to be increased to 2% IMO. We could be doing a lot more than just circling the Earth in a station.
Like going to Europa and Titan, learning how to stop asteroids like Apophis, etc.

imo we need to reinvest in NASA now more than ever. even discounting the technological/economic leaps the space program has afforded the world, seeing people push the boundaries of human exploration unites people and inspires wonder. sadly investing in the future didn’t seem to be a priority of the baby boomers :sad:

Think of all the cool stuff NASA could do with more money. We’d get phones that could take pictures of faraway galaxies or some shit like that.

How well did that muslim outreach initiative go? We never heard the result of the potus’ strange little pet project.

freeze dried space food in those little packages…

The real question the OP should be asking is why people in the U.S(and Canada for that matter), really don’t care about space exploration anymore…