What does he say!?>!?

When iornman does proton cannon what the hell does he say, honestly this has bothered me for so long

he says

“Proton Cannon!”

ment the bit before where it seems like hes mubmling giberish , he says proton cannon after the inadublie crap

i think you mean war machine. he says “here’s my sunday’s best, proton canon”. could be wrong.

this is a waste of a thread… lol:rofl:

dont you love my new vest PROTON CANNON!

“If I can name it” ???

I think he says, ‘If I can make it (…) PROTON CANNON!’

whenever a Ruby Heart does qcf K, i hear “Nipply Buster”

if i should need it?

that actually sounds kinda close.:amazed:

I hear Give me the ship! (sub-li-may-tion?)

sounds like at the beginning of a match she says

“time to open up a mumbles” I would suspect the mumbles=CAN OF WHOOP ASS

sonson: AGEHGEHGEH!!! (regengeki?)

storm: HAAAH! (haah?)

Iron Man Says before the cannon.

“System’s Activated- Proton Cannon!”

Repulsor Blast!

wat about repulsor blast??

:lol: @ the replies in here, all he says is “Proton Cannon” nothing more.

Nonetheless… free post.

Nah I definitely hear something at start up. “If I can try naming it, proton cannon!” shrugs

isnt it WAR MACHINE that says something BEFORE he does his proton cannon??

yeah, it actually is war machine. haha I just noticed that :rofl:

He says “bring back my baby” proton cannon

I had this conversation wit a group of friends back when it first came out in arcades

They heard “my sundays best” & " my son has breast" but bring back my baby was the winner and it makes sense