What do you think the next 3d fighting franchise is going to be?

Stop making threads to make new threads. PLEEEASE

You’re forgetting the MK threads that reproduced like rabbits at the beginning of the year.

the next 3d fighting franchise need adult content, like a rape mode or something imo

i love Def Jam FNY, shit is mad fun

Bushido Blade 3, obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, I thought Street Fighter was the new 3-D kid on the block.

There’s enough 3D fighters already.

Wish it had mirror matches though. Crow vs. Crow would have been off the chain.

I means ones that are still lasting.

Make a new Buriki One game. Slap some KOF characters in there so people will want to play it.

They should actually make a new game inspired by Buriki One’s gameplay. It could be a hit if successful enough.

something that’s as shitty as all the other games

Or maybe my ultimate all-female fighting game :wink:

Here’s a thought, swallow a letter opener.

hell f’in yes dude!!!
this needs to happen! and yes for home console.

what?why would toshinden be dead? it’s out for the wii in japan.
doa is dead? why?
what about kof mi regulation A? what more do you need or want with a title game like that?!?!
s shodown 3d game for xbox is out there too.
i hear the caslevania game is hated…but i dont know if its hack work or not.

here is one i’ll put out there.
evil zone 2.

i wrote Yukes(evil zone developers) 1 year ago and asked them if they had any plans making another evil zone game for next gen consoles n they said no but anything is possible for future works…{which means no, heh,heh},
but they make the wwe wrestling games…sooooo the still make vs/fighting/wrestling games. anything can happen.

Fighter’s Megamix 2.

I would like another Bloody Roar that doesn’t suck this time like BR4 did.

Really? :confused: