What do you name your combos?

I realized I must not be the only person who names the combos they do.

I remember one of the combos I did with skarlet in mk9 which involved some command dashes. I called it running a train.

Unfortunately for my friends I ran the train on them.

Don’t be shy, share your combo names, reasons, and stories.


We werent the first to do it, in fact and old ass game did it officially:


I have the “I’m to lazy to learn a better combo so eat this magic series OTG into super oh yeah ha ha I need friends”. It’s pretty awesome.

I take the D’Nyce approach and name everything I do a #swag combo.

The “My highest standard” = 2 hit combo

The “I got lucky” = 3 hit combo

The “I’m ready for Evo!” = 4 hit combo

The Killinator 3000. I would describe it, but it varies from game to game. Also, coming to grips with its sheer destructive power would melt your brain, and I want SRK to remain an active, healthy community.

When using Ryu in SF4 or MvC3, I have this kill combo I do called the Shinku Special. It’s practically a move that will end the game if the opponent is careless enough.

When playing Cody, my strongest move is one I call ‘Your Final Fight’ in reference to the damage is at least 600 Points.

With Dante, one of my favorite moves is the Party Boy Rage, in which I wind up using his Level 1 and Level 3 in a single combo.

The “I’m Fucking Nice”

The “I watched this on youtube”

“Lock’em Combo”