What do you guys want to see from a Smash Bros. for Switch?

Kind of assuming they go the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and just port an upgraded version of Smash 4 to the Switch instead of building a new game from scratch, what kind of features would you like to see added?

  1. Since the Switch is both a home and portable console, I would hope it would have all the stages/features from both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game.

  2. I’d like to see the boss fights from Brawl get brought back. I don’t expect to see Subspace Emisary return, but it would be cool if they added a mini-boss round to the middle of Classic mode. Bring back Petey, Porky, Reyquaza and Ridley from Brawl. Dark Emperor, Yellow Devil and Metal Face from 4. And then throw in some new ones. Giga Dry Bowser, OoT Ganon, Mother Brain, Whispy Woods, Medusa, etc.

  3. I’d like to see a new competitive mode that plays like Stock battle, but you pick different characters for each stock. Like some kind of Stable match.

  4. New characters are a must. Fully expecting to see Decidueye, Inkings, Captain Toad/Toadette and an ARMS character playable. Also hoping Ice Climbers, Snake and Wolf return.

Also made a video for personal character requests.

  1. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard assist trophies. Captain N costume for the Mii Gunner. Fulfill the prophecy!
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More classic stages like Yoshis story
A new character would be cool, but i think the roster is already great
More color choices would be awesome too. Maybe ten per character
new alternate costumes would be great. Could i please get Cloud in a dress lol

It’s a longshot, but I’d like to see them take steps towards the Melee days (faster, less floaty gameplay). While I’m also a fan of the third party characters, it would be cool to see them dig deeper on their list of retro characters they bring back, as well. Overall, I know they won’t disappoint with characters and levels. Like others mentioned, more alt. costumes instead of colors would be an awesome addition!

Please no old ass Melee gameplay. Yall need to let that wavedashing and L canceling shit go.

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How about Melee WITHOUT the wavedashing and L canceling, eh?

Honestly the things I want the most are better netcode and a ranked system for online play. Why the heck can splatoon have a full ranking system, yet this game can’t? makes no sense to me -_-

Real matchmaking options, more characters, more costumes, no characters cut from the previous game.

Alpha Stages would be nice AKA The option to turn off hazards. And the community having more than 3 stages at all times


Hey, people are posting in this thread all of a sudden. I WONDER what happened…

Not sure the Smash for Switch is a port exactly though. We would have seen gameplay if it was.

Agreed. Right now it’s looking like a new game. Still, I hope they just build on 4’s roster and don’t go back to the start.

Even if it’s just repackaged Smash 4 with some roster/stage updates, I’m pretty excited to have it on Switch (aka available on the TV and portable).

Personal wishes:

  1. Further improvements on the netcode/matchmaking. While having a ranked mode would be nice, I don’t actually care about that as long as the netcode is good.
  2. Better single player options. If you can’t give us better ways of playing with other people (see above), at least give us more story/adventure/challenge to play through alone.

I’m not going to make any character wishlists until I know if it’s just an updated port or a new game.

I’d say you can safely guess two other newcomers: even if it is a port, the fact we’re getting new characters anyways means we should be expecting more.

For my two, I’m hoping for Dixie Kong and Decidueye.

Alpha mode would be fantastic.

Single player mode at least on par with melee. While brawl was shit it’s single player is absolutely great. Give me hrc, btt, btp, event mode more like melee, classic, adventure, all star, etc. I loved that

Obvious netcode improvement

Some mechanic changes but nothing crazy. Smash 4 has a good platform to build from. Remove rage or make it tiered. Remove the need to SDI (i really hate this mechanic). Give us more KO options that are not from a grab. Smash 4 felt like you either had a grab KO set up or none at all. Nerf recoveries and ledge snapping. One of the biggest reason smash 4 stocks can take a while is that recoveries are way too good. Melee characters mostly had bad recoveries while smash 4 most have good recoveries. This can make matches go faster without increasing game play speed. It’s a good base. Just needs a few tweaks.

Id like dash dancing to come back. It makes approaching not feel as forcing your way in. Idc if it does or not it’s more so i really liked it lol.

I want Ganondorf to use his damn sword. I would pay handsomely for a Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf


I forgot how much I wanted this to be a thing

Also, how much money do I need to throw Sakurai’s way to get Wario’s Shoulder Bash back?

Decided to go ahead and make a video for my 10 most wanted Smash 5 characters, like everyone else on the internet.

Anyone still alive enough to care about all the stuff we’re getting?


Also, there are short demo reels for EVERY character on the website.