What Do you guys think? looking for some input on Mirror & Gold Mirror dust-covers

I am just trying to get some input on some new dustcover’s I have been working on I know their not for everyone. I also know that chrome mirror have been around for a min form Art and others. but I put a new spin on them with the black or white beveled edge I have been doing the clear beveled covers with slurpee shaft cover for a while for people so thought I might tinker with something new. I was also thinking of doing some other translucent plexi colors if its something people might like so let me know

Sorry for the pictures looking a little rough its hard to get a good shot of the mirror finish and you cant use a flash well cause there so damn shiny

The picture below is of a large gold one without a beveled edge

below is the clear beveled edges cover I have been doing for people

Nice work so far. Keep it up.

Nice work on those, really like the 2nd pic and clear w/ beveled.

See a lot of potential with these, but it looks difficult to maximize.

Thanks not sure what you mean about maximize bennf but thanks

like the shape has tons of awesome potential, but making it really stand out and be that perfect detail or addition item could be really tough.

The angle, the thickness, the width, the contours, etc.

Looking at these gave me a lot of cool ideas. A thick unbeveled one sitting on a black case with a silver/grey theme could be amazing.

The thin beveled one could look really nice on a case that had some really hot coordination between the shaft, balltop, artwork, etc…

With the white/black beveled edge, you’ve made something that stands out. Brilliant stuff.
The clear one you’re currently doing looks good, but I’d be interested in one with a more pronounced bevel.

Do you ship these to Canada?

Thank you guys for your input I will look in to doing a more pronounced bevel

Canada shipping is no problem I have done it many times and is usually pretty cheap with small packages

Do you have a price list (or a thread on the trading forum) for all the stuff you do?

I like it! Keep goin’ with it!

yeah sure here is a link to my post in the trader http://shoryuken.com/f226/wts-take-look-new-gold-chrome-clear-beveled-dustcovers-sanwa-buttons-262780/
let me know if you have any questions

Thanks! PM Sent.