What do you guys think about these?

I am new to making AVs. These are my attempts at making custom AVs. What do you all think? Any feedback would be good even if it was negative. Thanks.
P.S. there are two Avs, the link and my current AV.

and another one

Not bad for first tries. The first one could use something more. And the border should definitely be a different color. It doesn’t fit the av, plus it appears to be a bit thick.

The second one… heh, the second one reminds me of those official NBA, NHL and MLB logos. Maybe you should completely white out the Cable sprite for that effect? Lol. But with an avatar that size, I’d put him in the center.

What color border should I use for Akuma? I forgot to save the original files so I guess Ima have to remake the files again. Either way thanks for the feedback. Hopefully I can get into something more complicating ie: animated gif files.

Since the av’s mostly “cold” colored, I’d go with a slightly brighter variation of purple, or blue to match the kanji on Akuma’s back. Either would suit the border and the name just fine.

Nice Cammy av BTW.

thanks man much appreciated feedback

The cable one’s fine except maybe move the type to the bottom, that would make it seem more in tune with the cable sprite.