What do YOU do on knock down?

Not sure if there was already a thread like this or not, so I went ahead and made one.

When you score a Knock Down with Rose via FA, Throw, Spiral, what do you do after?

Usually when the spacing is good and I’m fairly certain that I won’t get Wake-Up Dp’d, I jump and try to land a cross-up for a knock down again.

But when the risk of getting Wake-Up Something’d is too high, what do you normally do?
Meaty cl.MK?
Bait and throw?
Back away?

I always taunt and if i have time ill cross up ftw

It varies way too much depending on character, player, life advantage and everything else for me to just say “I do x on oki”.

It also depends on how much untechable time you have to work with. Whatever I do usually involves the MK button, though…but almost everything good she has that isn’t satellite involves the MK button loll

edit: ugh taunt, why did they have 10 each of these things yet 99% of them are useless

It usually depends on a few things.
Do they have ultra?
Do they have a good reversal that can lead into an ultra combo?
Do they have a good reversal at all that hurts if I guess wrong on the risk?
How much meter do they have?
And Are their normals worth a shit compared to mine?

For most characters, I just use Rose superior C.H. game to my advantage. I walk in, throw some fast normals, step out to bait a reversal then step in again to throw/counter hit combo or punish throw-techs with c.mp xx spiral of choice or fs.rh.

For characters with decent reversals/easy ways to get up. I just play it safe, as long as I can keep them in the position I want them in theres no real reason to pressure on their wake up. I mean, we’re Rose. Its not like we really benefit heavily from being pressure obsessed anyway.

After forward throw I like to dash in then dash right back out just to get the other player a little closer to the corner and tempt them to hail mary.

Rose can be a pretty heavy turtle character against characters with uppercuts, but you shouldn’t let uppercuts exclusively determine what you do. A lot of people don’t want to chance an uppercut getting blocked so they try to footsie back even though you can easily set them up for a frame trap.

I take into consideration what the character could do on wake-up, how much they have of their super and ultra bar, and their position on the stage.

On my opponent’s wake-up, I like to do a couple of things:

cl.MK (from here, I like to go for a pressure string afterwards)
Meaty c.lk (sometimes to bait a move like a DP)
Meaty slide -> backdash (punish throw whiff with s.HK)
Walk back a bit, and then jump at them with j.FP or j.MK (to make the opponent guess)
Regular cross-up with j.MK
LP/HP Soul Spark


It depends on the character I play against.

For instance, against an Abel or T.Hawk, often times I use s.mk. This picks Rose up off the ground, so they cant command grab her. But I mix it up of course.

Against blanka, you cant really do this, so the only option I have is to gain my position back, or bait a wake up move. Against other general characters, if I get the chance, I seldom sting c.lk to something. Slide, and meaty c.lk is great for baiting as well. There are a lot of options. But at all times, it always depends on who has advantage in a match, how much life you have left, risk reward, and of course, like I said before. The character you are facing against, or even their wake up options, supers and ultras.

you knock them down and then block huh

sometimes I just walk back and throw sparks.

It really depends where they are on the screen and which character it is. If it is like Abel with no meter, fuck him and disrespect him, but if it is like Ryu with 3 meters and an ultra, I’ll play a bit more cautiously.

I mean Rose wins in a lot of different like screen placements.

I usually try to make them show me that they will mash out early in the fight. So I’ll go for meaty attacks when they don’t have meter to EX me. Mostly I use
Backdash, slide…pressure string.
Backdash EX SS, cr.mp pressure string
meaty cs.mk
meaty, cr.mk
whiff cr.jab, grab.
whiff cr. jab backdash
whiff cr. jab cs.mk
whiff cr. jab neutral jump
walk back jumpin HP or mk if I’m going for the crossup
U2 HP soul throw
U2 Neutral jump
U2 backdash fireball dash forward

I literally try everything but mostly it depends on the person I’m playing. A lot of these options go out the door vs shotos…but I leave everything on the table till they give me a reason to remove. Some call me random, I just say block.

This quote made my day.

Someone caught my Rose esque quote :).

My Rose wake-up tactics:

  • block
  • backdash, bait
  • backdash, forward dash, pressure/throw
  • backdash, drill
  • throw
  • max-range meaty sweep
  • meaty C.MK into spiral
  • meaty close MK into C.LP xx spiral or into throw
  • safe-jump J HP
  • empty jump throw
  • crossup J MK
  • meaty C LK, C LP xx LK spiral
  • meaty C LK, throw
  • max range meaty slide into pressure
  • medium range meaty slide into throw
  • whiffed slide (too early) into throw
  • max-spaced HK drill
  • drill wiff into throw
  • drill wiff into C.LP pressure

and if I’m fancy:

  • CS MK, c.lp, c.lk, c.mp xx EX drill

in the corner:

  • c.hp xx hp reflect
  • c.lp xx hp reflect

So many choices!

Very often though I do a combination that yields max results:

  • throw
  • after success: c.lk tick, throw
  • after success: c.mk xx drill
  • continue until you feel high-damage reversal rage coming

Can be varied in order, but has great success because they are always a step behind

I’ve got roots as a rushdown player since I’ve gotten serious with SF. I can’t help but to go on a big mix-up offense when I knock someone down.
I’ll probably go for an ambiguous cross with j mk or fp. Sometimes I like to dance around and poke with mp > safe drill. Maybe bait out a reversal then do some little combo, most likely cr mp > drill. lol

I’ve only started using Rose last night so I’m sure I’ll develop with something else soon.

Well, it depends.

If it’s an untechable knockdown from which you can safe jump you can

1)Safe Jump O/S Orbs
2)Safe Jump O/S EX Spiral
3)Safe Jump O/S Sweep

I also like to activate orbs and do orbs tricks.

Those are always fun.

There’s also max range HK spiral into EX Drill/ORBs/Super as the ultimate oki-doke.

Those are option selects not safe jumps.

This definitely depends on character, but as for me I usually try to bait out a reversal or go for cs.mk or cr.lk/cr.lp to strings or tick throws…or I get wake up ultra’d, scream at my tv and or girlfriend, and start playing reach.

@Full Metal Jacket.

You have to do a meaty safe jump to do an option select >>