What do yall do after flip slide connects?

I’ve always had trouble coming up with something useful to do after a flip slide connects.

Usually the most I get out of a follow up is a back-dash, cr.mp>fireball, or an overhead mp. Sometimes if I’m feeling frisky i’ll go with an immediate 2nd flip, but the truth is that this is easily punishable with a back jump whatever. So in general you end up too close to do a crossup jump in, too late to a safe-ish flip in, and simply hitting them with a normal string ends up getting reversal’d more often than not.

Anybody got anything else they like to do there?

depends on how meaty the slide was. if it was at the very tip sometimes i try to go for a nice crossup with jumping m.kick or ill just try to poke and bait something out that i can punish. overhead is good too if u havent done it all game. any more meaty and u really dont have time to cross up effectively so you have to something on the ground. i dont get the slide too much so i have to do some testing and see waht i can come up with. ill get back to you,

if it knocks down i try going for some kind of mixup game.

regular…I just walk forward a bit, and back-dash to bait out a wake up move. On a meaty, I use an mk gflip to set up a possible snuff out dive kick or a cross up dive kick. A third option is to use a rhk.glfip to create some space. There are plenty of options for Gouken. Regular sweep I just back up and toss a fireball so they have no choice but to either block it, use an EX move, or initiate a super or ultra.

ggs with you last night, mad

lol yes they were. Sorry for playing like trash though, I wasn’t feeling it at all last night after work. TOMORROW IS AE TIME BABY!!!

im camping out for the download baby!! lol

i like to walk up and throw out something that looks meaty to scare people into blocking, then flip into grab, other times i walk up and block then punish accordingly

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laceysan im on both systems.
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After slide its either a qtr step forward or backward then mk flip for cross and or fakies … Shit gets deeper than atlantis after that hardnocKk!!!

Lacey… Add me mang if ya XBL…

That’s only possible if you hit at the very end of the slide. If you connect at the beginning of the slide, a flip is easily countered with a jump back hit.

ooff topic: i’ll get those 360 adds when the ae disc comes out., runnin ps3 for now