What Do We All Have In Common?

Ok so I’m starting this thread out of pure curiosity. All us, for one reason or another, were drawn to Vega and picked him as our main char and I want to know what else we may have in common. Now I ask If you guys/gals (Pai) would be so kind as to provide a list of your favorite stuff, ie. hobbies, movies, tv shows, music etc… I’ll go first:

Top 3 games: Street fighter series of course, Mario series, Call of Duty series

Top 3 Movies: Rocky, the Karate Kid (Original), Kick Boxer

Top 3 Artists: Nas, Jimmy Hendrix, Wisin y Yandel (gotta rep for the hispanics ;P)

Top 3 TV Shows: Dexter, Smallville & tie between Sons of Anarchy/24

Hobbies: making music, playing video games, reading articles, computer tech and drawing.

Sleeping pattern lol: insomniac … I get 6 hrs or less of sleep a night usually around 5 and a half…

Favorite foods: Home cooked anything, Italian, Spanish, Seafood, I prefer McDonald’s over Burgerking & Coke over Pepsi. :smiley:

Well that’s my list, I’m sure I can go on and on but for the sake of not ranting I’ll leave it at that. Now lets see what we all have in common!

Games: SSFIV, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Mario Series

Movies: Don’t like too many, but I like going to the movies o.O

Artists/Bands: The Beatles, A Perfect Circle, Led Zepplin

TV: The Office

Hobbies: Hanging with friends, jammin to music on my surround sound, anything with my crew really, being a boyfriend

Sleeping pattern: N/A (lmao)

Food: Chinese, good pizza, steak/chicken fried steak

Shoutouts: Two year old baby sister, my awesome hair and baked hot cheetos

Games: Super Street fighter IV, Resident Evil 4/5, Castlevania series, Blazblue.

Movies: Do anime movies count? Ghost in the Shell, Street Fighter II, Pulp fiction.

Music: A Perfect Circle, Infected Mushroom, Colony 5.

TV: Big bang theory, Prison Break, Smallville.

Hobbies: Modding arcade sticks, writing fanfiction and articles, unicycle hockey.

Sleeping pattern: I think on average between 4 and 6 hours, depending when my mind shuts off…close to never, I eventually collapse from exhaustion.

Food: Pasta (Lasagne, fuck yeah!), pizza, chinese food, ramen, a good medium-rare steak <3

Shoutouts: To my wonderful teammates (Yes, you lot T.V!), Rugalitarian for being a fantastic mentor, Rizhall for being awesome, Inverse for being my late night muse, Alex Valle, Tatsu and Juicebox Abel for being my heroes.

Guh, quite a list. Sorry for rambling X3

Games: Pretty much street fighter exclusively these days, but in the past I like Resistance 2 and Midnight Club Los Angeles

Movies: Comedies.

Music: Very eclectic tastes. Born and raised on country (it was the cleanest and I had strict parents.) Got into Metal and Alternative in high school. Now I mostly listen to alternative… love 90’s alternative above all else. Also, I have a thing for club hip hop when I’m in the mood.

TV: SNL, Office, and when I’m with my girlfriend, we watch HGTV.

Hobbies: Hang out w/ my girlfriend, play street fighter. Nothing else. My job takes up most of my life.

Food: Er thing.

Work: I’m a CPA and am quite young to hold the license (I’m 24.) It is a good job as far as benefits go, but it sucks sometimes (it is a job after all) and it requires well over 40 hours a week most weeks.

Background: Born and raised in a religious family in Shreveport Louisiana. Went to college in Arkansas and stayed in Little Rock after graduating due to having a lot of friends get jobs in the area… and getting a job here myself.

Other: I get a kick out of the contrast in life I have. My professional life and co-workers are a world apart from my buddies in my local scene. I enjoy it.

That’s about it.


Top 3 games: Metal Gear Solid series, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter

Top 3 Movies: honestly I dunno, I havent seen much movies lately… but let see…Dark knight, Lion King…and I dunno.

Top 3 Artists: Rammstein, Camila, Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy music), DAFT PUNK!!

Top 3 TV Shows:Its always sunny in philadelphia, Futurama, South Park

Hobbies: Working out, practicing martial arts (Muay Thai), playing gaems.

Sleeping pattern lol: Nocturnal.

Favorite foods: uhhtalian, sushi (inb4 weaboo), fuckin Subway!

yeah I think the Vega forums are the ones where we have the most social unity…

Top games: Street fighter, Devil may cry, Mortal Kombat, Onimusha, God of War

Top Movies: Bruce Lee Films, blaxploitation sort of films, Ghost in the Shell, haven’t seen alot of films lately, like alot of fantasy film lately

Top Artists: Nas, Linkin Park, not top but like Devin the Dude, Tech N9ne,

Top 3 TV Shows: Futurama, South Park, Big bang theory gotta to love Sheldon

Hobbies: graphic designer looking for job in design industry/field, need to learn keyboard, can produce shitty beat making music, playing video games, reading articles mags and new paper, computer tech, drawing losing my touch i can’t drawing to safe myself anymore was once good at it, browsing on forums (sad)

Sleeping pattern : insomniac = never sleep/Nocturnal day time i feel sleepy half the time fuck my sleeping pattern.

Favorite foods: i’ve eating pizza until i’m bored of it same with chips, any thing with rice, meat, getting addicted to cookies need to stop myself from buying them, most of all eating health although i don’t eat lot of vegetables O.o

Top 3 games: Castlevania, Street Fighter, Metal Gear

Top 3 Movies: Mrs. Doubtfire, Full Metal Jacket, Titanic

Top 3 Artists: Michiru Yamane, MASA, Lacuna Coil

Top 3 TV Shows: Married with Children, Family Guy, The old Simpsons. (All the new ones suck)

Hobbies: Cooking, Street Fighter, Traveling, Eating Pizza

Sleeping pattern: I need as much sleep as possible to maintain my good looks, and youth. Unfortunately, I don’t get much some nights especially recently.

Favorite foods: Pizza, Pasta, Meat Balls, Sausage (OOOH YEEAAH) anything Italian.

Shout outs: Rizhall: I don’t hate you, really <33333 Who else am I going to call when I’m lonely, baby? Thanks for putting up with my online tactics of death and despair.
Francys: You must strike me down with all of your hatred. I am proud of your progress, and the fact that you didn’t give up on me.
Tatsu: I randomly messaged this guy one day to fight him on PSN. He wrecked me all night, and gave me a big hug when I saw him at EVO. Thanks for having the patience with me, and teaching me a shit load <3
Donglongdong: This guy is so fucking cool with his Alex Cosplay. HE IS THE IRL ALEX IF YOU’VE EVER SEEN HIS PICTURE. Thanks for putting up with my insane obsessions and rambling every night.
MASK-TERROR: I hate you with your bullshit luck victories on me all the time! Nah… You’re tremendously good man. I feel like you’re my equal when we fight Vega vs Vega. We have some intense matches every time. My heart pounds.
Cuban_Ace: Awesome guy. I forgot how I first met him, but he’s been a cool person to me ever since. We met up at EVO and we went to Outback Steakhouse for lunch there LOL. I’ll be seeing you again soon brother.


Top 3 games: Final Fantasy (VII and X spacifically), Fighters (KI,SF,MK), and anything for NES

Top 3 Movies: Star Wars (IV,V, and VI), Blood In Blood Out, and Ninja Scroll

Top 3 Artists: I enjoy Singer Song Writers (Jason Mraz, Paul Simon, James Taylor), Jazz (Ferguson, Davis, Coltrane), and late 90’s Alternative

Top 3 TV Shows: Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Sopranos

Hobbies: Books (SF and Horror), I’m a musician (Brass instuments)

Sleeping pattern: What ever my kid will allow.

Favorite foods: Vietnamese, Sushi, Mexican

I’m probably one of the older people on the team but it’s nice to see that there are still some things we have in common.

Top 3 games: Metroid Series, Megaman Series, God of War

Top 3 Movies: Gladiator, Good Bad and the Ugly, StarWars

Top Artists: Crystal Castles, Galneryus, Psychedelic Music, Sci-Trance

Top TV Shows: Family Guy, King of the Hill, Regular Show, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

Hobbies: Shred Guitar, Skreet Fighter, Chemistry, Day-Dreaming, Figuring out how things work, Guns

Sleeping pattern lol: Random

Favorite foods: Shrimp, Lobster, Tri-Tip and Ribs, Medium Rare Steak, Japanese, Mexican

Top 3 games: ALL TIME(Legend of Legaia 1, ssf4, suikoden 3)

Top 3 Movies: Pulp fiction, boondock saints, crouching tiger hidden deagon)

Top Artists: Wu tang clan and…just random shit but hiphop primarily and some pop or rock

Top TV Shows: how i met your mother, the office, diner drive ins and dive, scrubs, spongebob

Hobbies: not much, in nursing school. but if i have time, play bball, chillin with the homies, LAKERS!.

Sleeping pattern lol: 7-8 hrs

Favorite foods: Filipino foods(kare-kare), Japanese foods(ramen, and not that bullshit ramen, the good stuff), korean foods(korean bbq ftw), chinese foods(orange chicken is god’s gift to humans), italian food(lasagna duh).

Games: SSFIV
Movies: Don’t really have any favorites but I can tolerate most heroic, super hero, and adventure(ie National Treasure, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc.) type…
Music: Skillet, Kutless, Jeremy Camp, Hillsong United
TV: If any… I’ll watch the news, I Shouldn’t be Alive(I cry sometimes o.o), Survivor Man, Man vs Food shows like that…
Hobby - “a pursuit outside ones regular occupation engaged in esp. for relaxation” This would be a bit of a conflict of interest for me seeing how God has ever been so merciful, patient, understanding, gracious, and LOVING towards me even from my youth. I want now only to exist to bring Him the same joy and happiness He has brought and does bring me, and nothing does more than when one person comes to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! From the age of 13 until I was 20 along with knowing this worlds hatred and other untold number of corruptions I had also knew addictions to drugs(crack, glass, weed, sherm, etc.), alcoholism, cigarette addiction, cursing etc. but having had a very young childhood experience with Him I knew He was real, so straight out of jail(2nd time due to a stupid ticket that turned into a warrant, 1st time DUI) very sad full of despair and broken inside… in my room stoned, I looked up to the heavens and called out to Jesus from my heart. Cannot really recall what happened next but had suddenly awakened to a life and freedom I had never known before, a LOVE. Instantly that night all of my addictions were lifted off of me and am forever a changed man!(Uh… you can call me crazy, it’s k… but lol I was so wired(edit: on Jesus! lol) that night like 3 in the morning I was running around the block! …wasn’t sure what to do so alive and full of energy :)) Little did I know then that it wasn’t about my prayer, or the miracle, but was all about God’s LOVE, His interest and care for me being revealed to me personally because I believed. Am currently a part of the or one of the biggest ministries in the world, and after many events that have taken place in my life since then, apparently am going to be among the greatest preachers our generation has ever known o.o BTW not a priest sh3ak_r0yal lol simply a Christian “Christ like” or “follower of Christ” you know, like a modern day 21Century disciple! This is what I kinda meant when I said sometime ago at the other thread when Christian was brought up and I mentioned the church… that I was, “working on it” Today’s church grosses me out, it seems commercialized and money driven(moneys good and all God wants us to have it, but not love… knowing His LOVE for us individually will keep us from such idolatry. after all there is nothing in all of creation that can possibly be better than the Creator of it, if only we would humble ourselves we can see that this is true) But God still LOVES the church and there is yet hope for her!

I was thinking… “should I just ignore this thread…?” but then I thought that would be rude…? but then I guess I could’ve just skipped “hobby”? :confused: lol

Favorite foods: Pizza and Yoshinoya is good… fruits are awesome! Gotta go with IN-N-OUT Cheep, waters the best but I’ll drink a coke!
No room really for shout outs lol but Cheep, MT, Don, and Soda “Bleed for me…bahahaha!” jk… :slight_smile:

@squeezel, I’m old too man =( older than Cheep but younger than Valle… :wink: we can be BFF? ^ ^

Top 3 games: SSF4, Ace Combat series, Shadow of the Colossus

Top 3 Movies: Akira, Mononoke Hime, The Matrix trilogy

Top 3 Scientists: Brian Cox, [edit: Neil deGrasse], Stephen Hawking
(no preference towards any particular artists, bands, actors, etc)

Top 3 TV Shows: BBC documentaries, Robot Chicken, Death Note

Hobbies: gaming - many types (video, pen&paper, board, mechanical puzzles), reading (favorite topic is cosmology), website QA

Sleeping pattern: segmented - 5 hours/night and I pick up another 2.5 during one or two big naps in the day (never feel tired after getting up or anything, I really like this pattern)

Favorite foods: Casseroles, Turkey Croquette, Sashimi. I drink more juice and water than soda/coffee/alcohol combined.

Hmm, I think I have more in common with Francys, donlongdong, and Squeezelbum - so shoutouts to them!

Yeah… I think I will, haha

I really appreciate everyone’s candor, all of us have some incredible stories (noble) it’s nice to see how much we really do share! I find myself reading these post saying “oh shit me too, ha!” Hopefully more members find the time to participate in this thread.

Top 3 games: Street fighter series, Mortal Kombat series, Tenchu series (Z BLOWED), and Mirror’s Edge has a special place in my heart

Top 3 Movies: The Crow, Hackers, the SAW series,

Top 3 Artists: TOO FUCKING MANY … the playlist at the moment however is much Katatonia, High School of the Dead ost, a lil Birthday Massacre, Versailles, Helltrash, Psyclon Nine, and a smidge of Marilyn Manson. My music is all over the place i know.

Top 3 TV Shows: Bleach, “The Seth Macfarlane trifecta - Family Guy, American Dad, the cleveland show”, and Big Bang Theory

Hobbies: When not learning all things Street fighter, I enjoy creating artwork in photoshop, and sadly I still goof around with my old World of Warcraft friends from time to time… ready the torches and pitchforks lol

Sleeping pattern: Up 2-3 days, down 1. NOS energy drinks ftw!

Favorite foods: if I can find a woman who can cook up some kickass crab rangoon, I’ll keep her… in my basement :slight_smile:
good pizza is always nice, I try to avoid the burger joints aside from the occasional Hardees

Extra : I live in a small town in southeast Missouri, 50% of the populous are backwoods country folk, and the other 50% are “dirty south”. I, however was the only kid at my highschool that was truly Metal. Blend those 3 together and it makes for an odd voice if i say so myself. I’ve been told before I sound like a “ghetto-ass-elvis” if I remember him right. Maybe those on psn can verify? :slight_smile:

      I've tried over the years to make music, but the available talent just doesn't fit. 1st band sounded like Pantera being channeled through Dave Matthews Band.  Years passed and we ended up with a slipknot meets evanescence vibe not long after

evanescence got popular. It was short lived and I haven’t played guitar in ages, I still have it so I may pick it up again someday.
If I do I’ll do all I can to make it a solo project. Maybe I can remix some Street Fighter themes… hmmmm… Vega metal?

Wait… you laughing with me or at me…? O.o

lol! jk… :slight_smile:

Top 3 games: Silent Hill 2, Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex

Top 3 Movies: Star Wars V, Clockwork Orange, Grave of the fireflies

Top 3 Artists: Grioa, Tool, Kenta Gustavsson

Top 3 TV Shows: Dunno, I don’t watch TV.

Hobbies: Playing Street Fighter, hanging out with friends, weed

Sleeping pattern: Whenever I want (I’m unemployed)

Favorite foods: I dunno. Thai?

Haha same here! Oh and then seeing something on someone elses list and thinking “Damn I like that too! how did I forget?!”

As for you Petey. I’m sure you remembber my “voice is deeper than I thought” comment XD

Top 3 games: SSF4, Bayonetta, Metal Gear
Top 3 Movies: Advent Children, Breakin’, Breakin’ 2 Electric Bugaloo
Top 3 Artists: Pitbull, Lloyd, Trey Songz
Top 3 TV Shows: Mostly cartoons. especially the oens on adult swim.

Hobbies: workin out, boozing, going to the club, takin over the dance floor and fornicating with women.
Sleeping pattern: as much as i can get, usually like 6-8 though
Favorite foods: pho, pizza, seafood alfredo

I’m probably the least stereotypical gamer possible. for examle at NCR, everyone had their sticks in their bags, i had a bottle of wine in mine xD. i highly enjoy getting inebriated. and if you saw me in the club with my suit and snake skin dress boats and jewelry on, you’d never think im actually a hardcore gamer.

Can’t help but feel bad Cheep cause I think but hope I’m wrong in that you missed understood me when I said, “ignore this thread” and it being “rude” or what not… You’ve only been nothing but the greatest and wanted very much to participate in this discussion because of… plus I think it’s a really good idea! My main concern though was trying to figure out how to explain my “hobbies” and “occupation” are actually one in the same, without bring up Jesus(not that I didn’t want too! =)) but out of respect for those who don’t want to hear about Him =( that’s all I meant…

Looks like so far only SF and pizza FTW for me! =( lol! But am seeing some new faces(faces?)here which is kewl… lol somebody try em’ out! :smiley:

I can see why ur drawn to Vega bro lol!

@ Noble: nah bro I understood what u meant man, as cliché as it may sound we all hail from different walks of life and I’m not judging either of you. In fact I feel closer to all of u, and just like fancy said a lot ofhe things I missed u guys put in your posts lol!