What do SRK member of Street fighter fans think of Bloody Roar especially BR2

i enjoy bloody roar 2 series the most 4 is crap 3 is ok never played 1

Fun button-masher. It was pretty for its time. The 2nd one was the best, with the 1st a close second.

…that’s about it.

there is no way you will mash button and win except if you played someone that does not know much about the game.


Fun game for mashing.

I play these games, great meteor mashing game.

This game could have been even cooler if Gado had been Steve Wilkos, instead of a lion.

I liked a couple Bloody Roar games, fun weird accessible fighters like that are memorable. Evil Zone is another one.

Ah, good show guys. We really need a stupid meter for this forum.

Anyway, OP check the “other games” section for the BR thread. That’s pretty much it.

Shina was my shit, mash if you want, your eating the spiral kick. Also, Bloofy’s favorite game EVER.

Makes you wonder if he still lurks or even posts. I enjoyed Bloody Roar 4 but that was the only title I got the chance to play.

anyone who thinks mashing will get you anywhere in bloody roar doesn’t know shit about the game.
oh and for the record 3 is the best in the series by a long shot.