What do I need to put a seimitsu joystick in a Playstation 3 Real Arcade Pro. 3

Just ordered one of these

Amazon.com: Playstation 3 Real Arcade Pro. 3 Fighting Stick: Video Games

what do I need to put a seimitsu ls-32 joystick in it? new mounting plate? is this stick common ground can I get a ls-32-01 to work? I tried doing a search but my work internet is not letting me for some reason. I think its to slow.

The HRAP3 unfortunately has a different mounting bracket than the other HRAP models, so a LS-32 will not fit without heavy modding. I would check with arthong and see if his replacement HRAP panels can fit LS-32s: Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

Barring that, a Seimitsu LS-56 with a VF mounting plate will fit.

I was afraid of that I think Im going to cancel my order and get a ex-se for the 360 it already has a seimitsu joystick than I will replace the pcb with a ps360 from akihabara shop. I was planning to do that anyway. I just like the looks of the ps3 hrap more.

LS-32-01 could work. I’ve asked the same question before and did research on my own.

First of all, you have to use the Flat Mounting Plate that the LS-40-01 uses. Look up the part at LizardLick.com

Second, the LS-32 you want to get is the ‘-01’ version, NOT the ‘LS-32’. The ‘-01’ has the 5-point pin connector compatible with the joystick harness in the HRAP 3. You will have to swap the SS Mounting Plate that comes with the LS-32-01 for that LS-40-01 style Flat Plate. Sorry, no getting around that for the HRAP 3!

Thirdly, plan on getting a shaft extender. There are two ways to approach this – but an extended shaft from ArcadeShop.de OR or get the shaft extender, a 13mm screw-on piece from eTokki.com. I would get the eTokki piece… It’s cheaper, you don’t have to remove a vital LS-32-01 component for a retrofit, and I’m sure shipping is cheaper from South Korea, too.

Lastly, with the right mounting plate for the LS-32-01 (flat plate), you have to find the right screws to attach to the HRAP 3 mounting plate. There are four points in common. You’ll have to go to a local hardware store (Ace or Tru Value) to find these metric screws. Take the HRAP 3 faceplate to try screws to see which will thread. Also, buy washers to place under the screws…

Worst comes to worst, you’re talking about drilling new holes in the HRAP 3 plate to attach the LS-32-01’s flat plate. You’ll probably need hex nuts to hold the LS-32-01 onto the Faceplate.

All in all, this is an easier mod than swapping PCB’s between cases and dealing with that mess!

I don’t want to contradict this lovely block of text but the PS360 install looks pretty straightforward. He would also get a set of sexy PS-14G buttons. The EX-SE is an awesome stick.

It depends… You definitely lose the Turbo function if you swap PCB’s.

Me? I never use Turbo for anything. Home Button’s more important, and luckily every major replacement PCB supports Home button.

Also depends if you really want dual-stick compatibility. PS360 is the way to go in that case.

Again, depends on the end-player.

I’m a retro-console guy so it made a lot of sense to me to get the MC Cthulu…

I’m in the process (probably will take at least a year!) of swapping over to Seimitsu joysticks for all but 3 stick bases and the LS-32-01 issue only affects 3 basic bases — the HRAP 3, the Arcana Heart 2/PS2 license sticks (same JLF setup as the HRAP 3), and the Tekken 5 base. The T5 is by far the biggest pain-in-the-butt to deal with. Getting rid of the original T5 metal mount makes installing every major type of Seimitsu stick possible without having to recut plastic bases and do insane mods on them…