What do do vs yun

Okey so this is not just with Balrog also with adon. I seem to be blocking 70% of the game and not being able to do anything. If i press a button i’ll get caught and then it’s RF ultra.
If i use ryu i seem to be able to just random dp when i need to block and get him off me but then it’s back to blocking again.

Any tips how to deal with this? I feel like im decent at footsies but when im getting rushed down i just don’t know what to do.

Keep him out with various anti airs.
It’s frustrating that you can’t just cr.hp all day but yeah. space him out and use fs.lp and fs.hp against him. occasional jump forward hp helps too.

recognizing when if you do block a divekick that you’re at + or - frames is important too.

if you have footage for us to review it’ll help?

The normal that gave me “hope” against AAing consistently against the twins was cr.mp. it deletes Balrog’s hurtbox above his shoulders and reaches behind yun’s hitbox to hit his rather large hurtbox behind him. Also since it’s a crouching move you have more time to input it from a defensive stance. So for starters, try to replace cr.hp with cr.mp, then learn when Yun is positive or negative, Yun has to be really specific to be safe on a lot of his dive kicks (and you not be be able to headbutt them on reaction).

Edit: Well the “Effect” is that it does, hitboxes doesn’t show it. I can elaborate more on it if you’re interested.

These probably aren’t current, but if it helps:

Thanks to both of you, Imma try using your tips :slight_smile: